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Killswitch Engage (CD/DVD)

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  • Killswitch Engage in my opinion aren’t the best Rock Band today, but they are good @ what they do!! I was introduced to KSE, like most of us, thru the heavily circulated video of “My Last Serenade”. The album AOJB, @ that time, was like a light @ the end of the tunnel when the music scene seemed to be exhausted and no one had anything new to offer! The word was around about this band, friends telling friends and sharing mp3s and what not.. Every Couple of years there are a handful of bands that manage to shake things up and bring something fresh to the table.. AOJB with Jesse Leach was fresh, everyone loved it. Soon after, TEOH with Howard Jones was different, but again fresh, because of a different vocalist.. Jesse Leach was missed, many hardcore fans didn’t digest this well, but the result.. People loved it because Howard Jones lived up to it, and far surpassed peoples expectations.. but hey, even fresh gets stale yea.. So I’ll come to my review of KSE’s second Self Titled album. This album isn’t half bad actually, it retains the quality of sound and style KSE have come to be known for, a major plus point would be that its more technical compared to their last album ADD, which i feel was just a continuation of TEOH and had very little to offer. Musically this album is less dynamic than previous ones, almost mellow I’d say. Could be because of the different producer this time around! I am however disappointed that none of the songs here leave a ringing in your head long after you’ve listened to it. for eg. like.. All songs off AOJB, “Rose of Sharyn” & “The End of Heartache” from TEOH, or even “Break the Silence” from ADD. It’s really strange for a Band like KSE, who are known for their Dynamic Range and powerful Live Shows! If the keenest of listeners would analyze this, they could all agree, that with Jesse Leach it was never about Dynamics, it was more about the Edge that his vocals gave to the sound of the Band, Clearly visible all over AOJB! Not the case with Howard Jones. His vocals definitely have a wider range, and give the band a “Bigger” sound, ergo, the Dynamic! Whatever the case though, both vocalists are good in their own right. In closing the only thing I’d say would be that this album will definitely pull in younger, newer fans, but for the older fans, this could be a let down! A Solid 3.5 Star rating from me would be just about right for now! Because if you’re reading this, you already know what this band is capable of! Cheers ;o)

    Posted on January 7, 2010