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Killswitch Engage

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  • I jumped at the chance to pre-orderd this album labeled, “The Most Anticipated Album” of 2009″ and unfortunately I am a bit dissapointed… KSE set the bar pretty high based on their previous outstanding albums. I would give the album a 4 star rating if the production was better. I am a big fan of KSE’s previous releases, The End of the Heartache, Alive or Just Breathing and As Daylight Dies. In fact they are my favorite band in this genre.

    I just don’t get the “WOW” factor from this album mostly due to the poor mixing and production. However, I do like “A Light in a Darkened World”, “Lost”, “The Forgotten” and “Starting Over” (the first single). As usual Howard’s vocals are awesome. His range is incredible!

    The song writing is good but is not as strong as their previous albums. The production on this album is subpar… The songs sound a bit muddy and the guitars sound muffled. The drumming is excellent but overwhelms the guitar riffs on most of the songs. New producer Brendan O’Brien seems to have eliminated a lot of the strong, crisp & crunchy KSE guitar sound which makes ALL of their previous albums so good.

    In summary, anybody who is a KSE fan would agree that this is not their best effort to date. With that being said, this is definitely not a bad album (therefore 3-4 stars) and does have some extraordinary moments.

    Posted on December 30, 2009