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King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime

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  • This album grabbed my attention and turned me onto the band. The main reasons being:VARIETY OF TUNES. PATTONS VOCALS.It has staying power and is still enjoyed after many, many frequent listens now 6 years on, making it one of the favourites. The variety of tunes is great. Ranging from the heavier/Scary (ugly in the Morning/Cuckoo for Caca) to the jazzy (Star AD) and the dramatic yet touching ballads (Just a man). One thing overlooked is that the songs generally utilise more dynamic, complex sections, making the album that much more sophisticated and exciting to listen to. This may have something to do with the guitarist from MR. Bungle filling in on this particular FNM recording.Patton proves himself as an outstanding vocalist, due to variations in singing style, not only between songs but within (Listen to the Art of making enemies). Pattton COULD, HAS and DOES sing soft touching ballads that would please your mother and material that would impress death metal fans. One must be blown away when they hear his vocal range (CHECK OUT solo work/other projects of Pattons: Like: “Themes for adult voice”, The “3 Mr. Bungle albums”, His other bands self titled debut album “Fantomas”, and even an appearance he makes on 1 partilcular song on “Sepulturas” classic album titled “Roots”.) One must comment it is pleasing to hear that Patton has lost that original, perhaps nasal tone to his voice that was displayed on the classic “Real Thing” in 1989. So if you like bands/artists that :can play a range of dynamic tunes,Have tightness and diversity demostrated in song and playing, Outstanding vocals due to versatility through extremeness in range THEN GET THIS.

    Posted on December 2, 2009