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Kingdom of Might

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Woe Of Tyrants - Threnody (LYRICS)

© Tyler Massie , Woe Of Tyrants , and Metal Blade Records threnody will be out april 13th everywhere Woe Of Tyrants' new album, "Threnody", will be in stores on April 13th!


woe of tyrants


WOE OF TYRANTS '' fable thy destination''

woe of tyrants.

Woe of Tyrants - Singing Surrender Cover

Um well, pretty straight forward this is my cover on guitar of the song Singing Surrender by WoT. It was fun learning this song and again, I have ton more re...

Woe of Tyrants - Like Jasper and Carnelian (ft. Moses of Incense)

Long Hair Don't Care.

Guitar Lessons With Woe Of Tyrants

Matt Kincaid And John Hehman Teach You How To Play.

Woe of Tyrants - Seven Braids of Samson Cover

Myself jamming out some Classic WoT.

Woe of tyrants solo

break the fangs of the wicked solo from woe of tyrants played by nicky richter of shall be the conqueror

Woe Of Tyrants Interview on Metal Injection @ New England Metal and Hardcore Fest 2009

For more br00tal hi-res videos, check out

WOE OF TYRANTS - Hail The Count BUY ON ITUNES: Track take...