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Kingdom of Might

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Woe of Tyrants - Pearls Before Swine

Song off Woe of Tyrants' album Kingdom of Might. FACEBOOK: MERCH: LYRICS: But my, the pearls still shine; ignited by the fiery eyes. My God, I can't bare it, let me roll amidst this mud, so far I've found the answer in this pen , don't take it away! I think it's right, it feels right, just let me stay content. I can't see the truth, it's just too bright. I'll grant the anarchy is raging in this sty I call my home, and the flies that squeal around me direct which way I'll go but this is not enough to cause me to stop and think of the world. All of the creatures outside the walls, running so free and clear, with no cage to keep them in check. The food which they eat is growing from seeds, which come from the branches just overhead. The trees which are showered with light and rain, abundantly from above. I'll consume almost anything I see, while avoiding the pearls as they're way too shiny to eat. I'll stick to the mud where I can stand, for as long as I can. The storm is rising, my feats are dying in a whirlwind of empty, filthy lies. Lies! Day is gone, the moon is not giving me enough to see. I wander aimlessly across the soil, until the light hits my feet. And the creatures running free with pearls around their neck they see.... It's in the darkest part of life, that I can recognize the need for the light of the night to be in me. Uploaded with permission from the artist.


woe of tyrants


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woe of tyarnts.

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Myself jamming out some Classic WoT.

Woe of tyrants solo

break the fangs of the wicked solo from woe of tyrants played by nicky richter of shall be the conqueror

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Order at: Threnody in stores April 13th, 2010 Metal Blade Records! Threnody was recorded at B...

Woe Of Tyrants - Break The Fangs Of The Wicked LIVE in New York City 10-16-09

Woe Of Tyrants - Break The Fangs Of The Wicked LIVE in New York City 10-16-09.

Woe Of Tyrants Interview on Metal Injection @ New England Metal and Hardcore Fest 2009

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