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Kings of Damnation: Era 1998-2004

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  • Black Label Society is one of the few bands that plays real metal (as opposed to the likes of Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park), and they’ve put out so many great songs. But while the songs on here are good, they missed some of BLS’s greatest songs like “Stoned and Drunk” and “All for You.” Of course, if you are getting into BLS, this is a decent place to start, just know that there are great songs that were left off of here as well (motivation to pick up the individual albums). The two new tracks are pretty good, but people that already own the majority of the songs on here need not pick this up just for those two songs. This is just one of those albums that comes out after a record company loses and band, and release a (usually terribly put together) greatest hits package to take as much money from the band’s fans as possible.

    Posted on November 27, 2009