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Kiss of Death

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  • With all the recent metal CDs coming out recently or soon (Iron Maiden, Slayer, BLS)I got to thinking that Motorhead is about due for their bi-annual release and sure enough, about a week ago I looked it up and saw Kiss of Death to be released today! I didn’t hesitate to pick it up.
    As usual, Lemmy delivers. As long as he lives and as long as he is putting out music, he will never sell out or change his formula. This can be a mixed blessing, since one Motorhead CD sounds a lot like another, but after 30 years this can pretty much be expected.
    Now on to the album… It definitely rocks… and hard. It’s fast, heavy and everything else you expect Motorhead to be. However, I am only giving 4 stars because their last release Inferno, which was a masterpeice, is better.
    Inferno had more standout tracks than this one, particularly “Suicide”, “Life’s a Bitch”, “In the Year of the Wolf” and “Whorehouse Blues”. Those 4 tracks alone made that one of my favorite Motorhead albums. While Kiss of Death has many great tracks, there aren’t too many that really stick out at me like those.
    Motorhead seems to have an every other album thing going on, at least for me. “We Are Motorhead” is my personal favorite CD of theirs. “Hammered” was good but not as consistent and “Inferno” is up there with “We Are” for me as one of their best.
    “Kiss of Death” is great, but for me it all kind of runs together a bit and nothing stands out as much as so many other awesome Motorhead tracks I’ve come to love. Here’s a song-by-song rundown…

    ~~”Sucker,” the opening track, is really good. It reminds me of “On Your Feet or On Your Knees” from Bastards.

    ~~”One Night Stand” is a great track and has that dirty rock and roll feel like “Born to Raise Hell.”

    ~~ “Devil I know” is an okay track with some okay riffs, but nothing too memorable.

    ~~”Trigger” has some good riffs but the chorus is a bit repetitive and annoying.

    ~~”Under The Gun” is one of my favorite tracks on here. It’s heavy and has some great Motorhead grooves.

    ~~”God Was Never on Your Side” One of those rare Motorhead ballads that turn up now and then, I really like this track. For having a voice like bones grinding through gravel, Lemmy can actually sing when he wants to. Great guitar, acoustic and electric, and just songwriting in general.

    ~~”Living in the Past” Another one of my favorites. The riff is an instant favorite. It’s got dark and angry with a an awesome groove. This is why I love Motorhead.

    ~~”Christine” Not one of my favorites. It’s another one of the Bob Seger style rock and roll tracks, but it’s really cliche and the lyrics are pretty stupid.

    ~~”Sword of Glory” I don’t much care for this one either. The guitar riff and the chorus are bit annoying for me.

    ~~”Be My Baby” This one is good, it picks up the pace again.

    ~~”Kingdom of the Worm” I like this track as well, nice and dark and the lyrics are just plain weird. Good stuff.

    ~~”Going Down” Kiss of Death ends on a great note. This one rocks really hard and is another favorite on this album.

    Overall this is a great Motorhead album. It may not be as great as “We are Motorhead,” “Bastards” or “Inferno” but Lemmy can still write, heavy, fast and bluesy rock and roll and should go down into the rock and roll hall of fame. Like Dave Groll said “F*** Elvis, Lemmy is the real King of Rock and Roll”

    Posted on December 19, 2009