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Kiss of Death

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  • Wow, you would have expected Motorhead to have burned out by now right? DEAD WRONG. Kiss of Death follows right behind one of their best albums ever, Inferno. I’d say the only real mediocre Motorhead albums they ever made were Overnight Sensation, Hammered, Snake Bite Love, We Are Motorhead. They ran out of steam a little bit from the late 90’s to the early 00’s, but once they unleased Inferno it became apparant that the great Motorhead have many more great albums to deliver. Kiss of Death is borderline metal. The riffs on this album kill. If you like Motorheads heavier albums(Sacrifice, Inferno, Orgasmatron), then you will love this. even the ballad(God Was Never On Your Side) is good with a little synth thrown in. Other highlights include Sucker, Kingdom Of The Worm, Devil I Know, Trigger, and Under The Gun. There are still the fast and loud punky rock n roll songs on here, but there is a LOT of heavier riffage than normal. This is definitley a good thing, because Motorhead once again manage to make an album that sounds totally original and fresh. I recommend this album to ANY Motorhead fan of ANY era. It is worth repeated listens, and is probably the best album in rock to come out in 2006. This is the longest running line-up(Mikkey Dee, Phil Campbell, Lemmy), and I think the best. I am still amazed how so much loud and powerful music can come out of three people. This is instant classic Motorhead.

    Posted on December 19, 2009