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Kiss of Death

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  • I got this album yesterday, and was disheartened to find no review up yet on amazon. Being one to never write the first review for an album, I opted to wait for the guys with real balls. Anyway, this is a VERY solid release by Motorhead. This album follows a very similar path of Inferno, but it’s not completely a rehash. Lemmy still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. This is my favorite part about Motorhead- every album can sound essentially similar yet vastly different at the same time.

    But anyway, the album has it all in it. The essential Motorhead Rockers: Sucker, Sword of Glory, Going Down, and more. There’s the groovier rockers like Kingdom of the Worm. Especially notworthy is the rarity of a Motorhead ballad- God Was Never On Your Side- a VERY heartfelt yet forceful song. My favorite track is probably Trigger, for it is a throwback with a very hooky chorus.

    People say Motorhead haven’t changed. That’s a lie. Motorhead have most definatley matured, but they never slowed down and never put out a poor album, so there’s no reason to complain. Please buy this album, Sanctuary is a crappy label and wont put out the proper advertising to make this album sell the way it should.

    Posted on December 19, 2009