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Korn - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

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  • I’ve been a big Korn fan from the moment I first heard their music and I have never been disappointed by any one of their releases. This is an excellent greatest hits collection and there is not a single bad song on it. The only reason this doesn’t rate 5 stars is that there are a few songs missing that definetly should have been included. They also seemed to favor material from their more recent recordings rather than their older stuff but that is only a minor complaint.

    The two new songs, “Word Up!” & “Another Brick In The Wall”, although both being covers, are excellent. They really take each song and make it their own.

    After that, we are treated to 3 songs from “Take A Look In The Mirror”; “Did My Time”, “Right Now”, & “Y’all Want A Single”. Again, all excellent choices from this album.

    Up next is two songs from “Untouchables”; “Here To Stay” & “Alone I Break”. I’m not complaining, but “Thoughtless”, should have been on this collection to.

    Then we have four songs from “Issues”; “Make Me Bad”, “Trash”, “Somebody Someone” & “Falling Away From Me” These are all good songs but considering the lack of songs from their earlier albums, we probably could have done without at least one of them.

    Off of “Follow The Leader”, we have the two big hits; “Got The Life” & “Freak On A Leash”. These were the songs that helped them gain incredible popularity and as such, deserve to be on this collection.

    “Life Is Peachy” is woefully underepresented by “Twist” & “A.D.I.D.A.S.” They could have included more songs off this underrated record.

    “Korn”, their debut album is represented by “Blind”, “Shoots And Ladders”, & “Clown”. No arguments there although there is still some good songs missing.

    “Freak On A Leash (Dante Ross Remix)” is an alright remix of a great song, but it is hardly essential. They should have left it off in favor of one of the many missing songs.

    For hardcore Korn fans, the bonus DVD, “Live At CBGB’s” is excellent. And the two new songs and the remix are all worth getting as well.

    For listeners new to Korn, this is an excellent place to start because there is not a single bad song on here and it will allow you to sample songs from all of their albums, which is good because all their albums are a little different.

    All in all, a superb best of package.

    Posted on November 26, 2009