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Korn: Live on the Other Side [Blu-ray]

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  • I thought it would be nice to add a review from someone who has actually seen this dvd.

    I have seen it at home and on the big screen and WOW. It was a great show! A great mixture of songs from the new CD along with classic Korn. The way this DVD was filmed really makes you feel like you are right there at a Korn concert. Except you get the great view without getting pummeled in the pit. Oh and believe me they move and go nuts on stage! The setting in NY is a great choice because the crowd is fantastic.

    Korn shows love for their fans like no other rock band as shown in some of the bonus footage which included them taking fans & US troops to NY on a private jet for the concert and playing a mini show on the plane (some of which was shown on Mtv2). Don’t fall asleep on Korn’s plane-you’ll wake up taped to your seat! LOL.

    Other bonus footage introduces you to some of the crew that have been with Korn for many many years which was cool to see also. Other hidden footage is already being found by fans by clicking around (similar to the Deuce dvd) so that’s a nice extra surprise too.

    All in all for a price lower then the cost of one concert ticket you can see a fantastic Korn show in your own living room!

    Posted on December 26, 2009