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  • Korn: a word that will be remembered decades later for revolutionizing the age of nu-metal as Metallica is remembered for ushering in the age of hard rock. Perhaps not so much for the band itself, but definitely for this self-titled album. Korn took a formula of lyrics dealing with teen angst and other everyday issues mixed with harder-edged music started by such bands as Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana, added their own twist, raised the level of aggression, poured their heart and soul into the mix, and created an album that is an influence and guideline for bands of the past, present, and future.Korn’s music is a dark and angry aggro, groove-laden, downtuned, in-your-face brutal assault of all five of your senses. It’s been called crossover, pimp rock, even rapcore. Whatever you call it, I call it incredibly intense and personal on the deepest darkest levels. Featuring the dynamic duo of Head and Munky whose freaky, yet intelligent down-tuned guitar work is a trademark of the Korn sound, Fieldy known for his wicked bass lines, and David whose work on the s/t is nothing short of brilliant (by far his best work of all of the Korn albums), together creates a sound that at the time was unlike any other.Enter: Jonathan Davis. It is Jon’s presence on this album that adds the true essence of brilliance by showcasing not only his talent as a songwriter and vocalist, but by capturing the heartfelt emotion of anguish and pain, hate and anger, of his innermost demons that were released through the making of this album. This album is a part of Jon Davis. Whether dealing with the issues of child abuse, drugs, sex, high school, or peers Jon Davis tells you how it is, straight-forward and in-your-face, brutally honest and real. From melodic crooning to hardcore screams, psychedelic barrages and screams of anguish, it’s all there for the listener to absorb and be amazed.From start to finish this cd will have you on the edge of your seat. Whether from fright or anger, stunned or mesmerized, this cd will not fail to move the listener. Personal favorites on the cd are “Clown”, “Ball Tongue”, “Blind”, “Faget”, “Divine” and “Predictable” although every single song is a masterpiece in itself. Even if music becomes obsolete in the future somewhere this album will still be around blowing someone away. And it’s not just because of the music. No other album has captured the darkness and beauty of human emotions so magnificently as Korn’s s/t album. Like I said, Korn took their heart and soul and put it into this album creating something that will probably never again be seen or heard. That is why Korn will never again make an album that is half as good as the s/t. They used up all of their emotions that truly makes an album special, to create the first one.Korn, I sincerely thank you for this gift that you have so unselfishly and assiduously created and given to the world. Peace.

    Posted on March 13, 2010