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  • What Can I Say. This Is Just A Masterpiece. I Mean Pure Gold. The Songs Wont Make Alot Of Sense Until You Understand What Jonathan Davis Is Talking About But It’s A Journey All In it’s Own To Become One Of The Children Of The KoRn. This Showcases Bass At It’s Very Best With The Most Emotional Vocals Since, Well Since Never. Heres My Track by Track Review.1.Blind- Great Opening For An Albumn2.Ball Tongue- Very Creative Song. Too Bad KoRn Isnt More Like This3.Need To- My favorite Song Ever4.Clown-Increadible Bass And Guitars5.Divine- Very Good Song All Around6.Faget- Very Good Ver Emotional Song7.Shoots And Ladders- Bagpipe Spiked Metal Masterpiece8.Predictable- …. Its Sounds Just Like Creed.9.Fake- It’s Okay But Not Great10.Lies- Fast-Paced Adreniline Rush11.Helment In The Bush- Kinda Creepy But Very Good12.Daddy-If you Dont Cry Or Feel Like Crying During This Song You Proabably Have No Soul. Dont Be Scared Away By That Though. I’d Rate It As Second Best Song On The Cd, And Best Song To Define KoRn By.

    Posted on March 14, 2010