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  • “ARE YOU READY?!” These are the first words spoken on the album, and vocalist, Jonathan Davis, MEANS it when he says it! What follows next is a twisted, bumpy, roller coaster ride through the tortured mind of Jonathan Davis. The songs on this album tell dark stories of child abuse, peer pressure, and drug addiction. Jonathan’s demonic voice, guitarists, “Head” & “Munky’s” eerie riffs, bassist, “Fieldy’s” heavy bass-lines, and drummer, David Silvera’s “hip-hop” beats make this album’s sound very creepy. So, if you’re ready, here’s a brief review and rating of each song…1.”Blind”:The first minute has no words, only David’s cymbals, Head & Munky’s guitars, and Fieldy’s bass building up to the explosive challenge:”ARE YOU READY?!” In my opinion, this is the best and most explosive start to a heavy metal album. Also there is no chorus, just differen’t head-banger rythyms that keep the song moving. 10/102.”Ball Tongue”:Has something to do with a broken fiendship. Probably the first KoRn song where Jonathan “raps” gibberish. 9/103.”Need To”:Pretty good. Can’t quite tell what it’s about, though. Has some screaming in it. 9/104.”Clown”:At first you’ll think that this is just a stupid skit, but the beginning is just an argument on how the song should be played. Once it gets into the song it’s really good. The heavy guitaring is impressive. It has nothing to do with clowns though.10/105.”Divine”:Good song. Nothing else to say. 9/106.”Faget”:First of all, this song is NOT bashing gays. (That’s probaby why it’s spelled wrong.) This song is really about Jonathan being picked on in school. It’s pretty emotional and I think it sends a message of how painful it is to be put down by another person. 10/107.”Shoots and Ladders”:A KoRn classic. This one is my favorite on the album. It’s eerie hearing Jonathan singing childrens’ nursery rhymes and the bagpipes in the beginning change it from a really good song to a really great song. 11/108.”Predictable”:This song is also good. 9/109.”Fake”: okay song. 8/1010.”Lies”: This is the only one that fails to amuse me as much as the others 7/1011.”Helmet in the Bush”:This song is my favorite one next to “Shoots and Ladders”. Is a darker song about Jonathan’s Speed addiction. He’s pleading to God not to let him die. It sets the mood for the finale, “Daddy”12.”Daddy”:By far KoRn’s most emotional song. This is a 10 minute journey through the terrors of child abuse which leaves Jonathan in tears by the end. I don’t think any band has or will ever come close to this song. If you are an emotional person this will probably make you cry along with Jonathan as the band continues to play creepy beats. This is an intense song and not meant for the faint at heart. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 10/10This album is KoRn at their best. None of their 4 follow-ups have lived up to it. But before listening to it, ask yourself, are you ready?

    Posted on March 14, 2010