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Korven Kuningas

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  • I waited awhile before reviewing Korpiklaani’s latest masterpiece because, no matter how highly I praise this awesome disk, it will not be enough. But, that having been said, this is NOT viking metal. This is folk metal, with the accent on folk. I love traditional Finnish music but if one is looking for heavier fare such as Ensiferum or Moonsorrow, this may be a bit too folksy.
    That out of the way, I think this is Korpiklaani’s best release to date. I also think this band may have its own genre; Shamanic metal. Every song on the album deals with Finnish myth and magic, all of which is explained in the great liner notes. The liner notes alone are worth the price of the cd if you are into Northern folklore.
    The music itself moves sinuously back and forth between pure Finnish folk and metal. The electric instruments are more in the background than on previous albums. The fiddle and accordeon dominate but just when I am thinking that Korpiklaani have become a purely folk band, Jonne lets fly some great metal riffs. The vocals are also unique. Those familiar with Jonne’s previous band, Shaman (not to be confused with the Brazilian power metal group), will recognize some very good joiking. And, even when the vocals are not in the Sami style, Jonne is still very evidently in a trance, summoning the Ancestors and the eternal, mythical North.
    Fans of Korpiklaani will LOVE this cd as will all who appreciate a perfect fusion of Finnish trad and metal. I really think it would be difficult to find are more talented and versitile band. One last thing; the last track on the disk has a fifteen minute piece of shamanic trance drumming. I have never heard better. For anyone into the Vanic Mysteries of Seidr, this is a great gift from the heart of these people.

    Posted on December 2, 2009