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Korven Kuningas

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  • I’m sure you folks have heard the term “This album is way more fun then it has any right to be!” several times before. Well, There is no need for me to repeat the phrase even though it holds quite true to Korpiklaani’s “Korven Kuningas”. This was my first venture into Korpiklaani’s brand of Folk Metal and I am not disappointed. “Korven Kuningas” is a thoroughly satisfying romp through humpa inspired beats and frenetic, yet smoothly played flutes, fiddles and accordions. The metallic elements of this album do take a back seat to the folk influences, but to no detriment. These tunes are rousing, foot stomping odes to the old ways, with catchy choruses and even some Celtic sounding overtones. If your looking for an old fashioned mead soaked good time give “Korven Kuningas” a shot. I know I am quite pleased with this purchase.

    Posted on December 2, 2009