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La Sexorcisto-Devil Music Vol. 1

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  • Lemme guess? You went ahead and bought Rob Zombie’s “Hellbilly Deluxe” before splurging on “The Sinister Urge” a few years later, right? And I bet when a friend handed you Astrocreep 2000 and claimed that you weren’t a hardcore Zombie fan until you heard it, you probably had to change your shorts.

    Of course, that means you probably have no idea what this album is.

    Just look at it.

    It’s NOT Rob Zombie and it’s NOT Astrocreep 2000. La Sexorcisto is the begining of the marriage of old, thrashy, unpleasant (but still classic) “Make Them Die Slowly” with the off-beat, pop-shock that would go on to make Zombie the ringleader of his own twisted circus of a solo career.

    This is an album full of epic, desert-redneck road rock and it lopes and guns like metal should. Rob Zombie’s digital meddling is nowhere to be heard on this album, and to be honest, you probably won’t like it all that much.

    This isnt’ Dragula and it doesn’t even pretend to be. This is big-time rock in a form that’s almost too pure for a record with production this clean and riffs this crazy. I give it a five because I love it.

    You might not.

    Posted on December 10, 2009