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La Sexorcisto-Devil Music Vol. 1

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  • White Zombie was the first metal band that I really started to listen to with both an objective & subjective ear. The only other bands that existed at the time with the same “WOW” factor were Pantera & Pre-Black album Metallica, but this CD still tops those other bands due to the ingenious use of sampling and stunning guitar lines.

    I concur that the production quality on this disk is not the best, but it was their first major label record so I will let it slide. (Metallica’s “…And justice for all” probably has the worst production on an otherwise great record that I have EVER heard.)

    The tracks that I like best are not the radio-friendly ones: Soul Crusher, I am Legend, Cosmic Monsters Inc. & Warp Asylum are the best I believe. Thunderkiss & Black Sunshine are good, but suffered from overplay over the years. Welcome to Planet MF is also a standout track with a great breakdown at the 4:06 mark. “Soul Crusher” has a very clever opening guitar lick that meandors the listener into the main verse. “Cosmic Monsters inc.” is my favorite track on the album and it probably features the best arrangements and guitar work on the album.

    This brand of “Trash rock” (as it was aply named) is not for everybody…Zombie’s lyrics are barely discernable at best and some of the sampling is over-used. With that said, however, nothing sounded like this band in 1992-nothing really came close. The drumming alone on this album is some of the best of the early nineties as well. It was a shame that Ivan DePrume (the drummer on this album only) got canned after it was released-I loved this guy’s fills.

    If you don’t own this album, get it immediately-it is a must have for hard rock or metal fans.

    Posted on December 11, 2009