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La Sexorcisto-Devil Music Vol. 1

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  • When the band first made its appearance with “Make Them Die Slowly,” they found themselves largely ignored by the listeners in the mainstream. There was good reason for this, too, because the album, while refined in portions that were scattered throughout the album, was something that was rough and unrefined, showcasing many and many a shortcoming. This didn’t set the band back that much, though, because they decided to take these setbacks in stride and forge ahead and create something a bit more refined, incorporating the love of monster movies and harsh vocals with samples that found themselves quite at home. Within La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1, there are many things that didn’t seem remarkably groundbreaking at the time but that did manage to do something that few bands had done before White Zombie. They managed to take this type of music and shove it into the listening ears of an audience that seemed to be craving more. Powered by the vocal stylings that many find almost impossible to understand and heavy tempos that seem to ebb with power, song after song drives its way onward, compressing harmony with the mentality that heavy is good. Perhaps best known for the song “Thunder Kiss ‘65,” the album propelled its way forward with single after single being released, also gaining some notation with the 400 horsepower adrenaline surge called “Black Sunshine.” Still, the album was far from completed by these pieces. From the onset of the greeting card “Welcome to Planet MF/Psycholic Slag” welcomed you to “planet pretty kill” to the wonderful depiction of “I Am Legend” and its world overrun by swarms of the vampiric, the album worked to spotlight obscurity in movie and ideas that many people hadn’t been exposed to. Sampling the likes of “Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, a little “I am Electro,” and “Night of the Living Dead,” not to mention inviting Iggy Pop on board for Black Sunshine, it is something that, to this day, I still find myself enjoying. For someone looking to drown their listening ears in something pleasurable but that isn’t to be taken too terribly serious, then this would be something to look into. That is, it would be if you don’t mind a bit of profanity, some heavier sounds in your musical experience, and beats that might find themselves hanging in your mind. Be warned, it might make you want to go out and read “I Am Legend,” too.

    Posted on December 10, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now