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Lake of Sorrow

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  • LAKE OF SORROW by The Sins of thy Beloved is a fantastic release by what, I think, is the best ‘beauty and the beast’ group around. Whats even more amazing is that this is their first major release. I’ve seen lots of ruminating by some reviewers that TSOTB, on one hand, was a poor imitation of the other T bands (Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy and Therion), although I can’t figure out how Therion fits into the equation, and, on the other hand, they’re not enough like the other T bands. I find it curious that different reviewers claim the opposite deficiencies. I think a review should be based, not upon what the reviewer would like to hear or read (in the case of books) but upon what they hear or read. This recording is a unit. It is either good , bad or in-between. I happen to think it is very good!I think you’ll agree the cover art work is also very good. It really sets the tone for the included music. Their are only seven songs but they average almost 8 minutes long. I rate no song below 4 stars and four at 5 stars. Clocking in @ 8:02 minutes ‘Silent Pain’ is for me the best track. Other 5 star tracks are ‘Worthy of You’, ‘Lake of Sorrow’, and ‘All Alone’.The music, which is Romatic,dark symphonic metal (beauty and the beast) style is well written and presented. The singing by Anita Auglend is effective, very pretty, subtle and haunting in keeping with the style of the music, which has a slow to medium pace. I get the feeling that Anita was holding back and is quite capable of more volumn. The instrumentation is gorgious and includes violin and piano playing both of which I’m partial to. The requisite growling is mild and not that offensive (I don’t like the growling) thereby, perhaps, expanding an accepting audience.I feel very comfortable recommending this to any person who has an affinity for any of the T bands (including Therion) and After Forever, Haggard, Penumbra, Within Temptation or any other so inclined band. A WINNER!

    Posted on January 29, 2010