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Last Fair Deal Gone Down

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  • Many things have change since I was introduced to Katatonia through Brave Murder Day. One thingis for sure, these guys know how to write good music. Even though there are no doomy guitars and blackish vocals they still create amazing atmospheres through simple arrangements of well written atmospheric rock songs. The album starts with “Disspossesion” which has a very catchy guitar melody and continues into more heavier passages with “Chrome”. “We Must Bury You” is the most experimental on the album as it features various electronic elements while on the other hand “Teargas” is the most radio friendly and the album’s hit. My favorite song though would have to be “Tonight’s Music” as it features some amazingly emotional parts in it. The band has experimented a loton this album which strongly shows on songs like “Clean Today” and “Passing Bird”, not your usual rock songs. Nonetheless, Last Fair Deal.. is a brilliant album, highly recommended to all fans of good music.

    Posted on February 3, 2010