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Last Kind Words

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  • Well, i must say i cheated on this one and bought it on import 3 weeks ago. Why the labels release a cd in the UK a month earlier is beyond me. Especially when trying to combat piracy.. Makes no sense.
    Anyway, i thought they would have a tough time following up ‘Fury’ and i was right! But they succeed in making this CD just as good. What is best about this disc is the furious drumming. Excellent!
    The songs are reminiscent of ‘Fury’ but not a repeat. The awesome ‘Clouds over Calif’ is great and the track that follows ‘Bound by the Moon’ is SLAMMIN! will be a pit fav.
    ‘Burning Sermon’ and ‘Tirades of Truth’ are smokin as well.! As a whole this CD holds up well. The production is in your face and the riffs are killer. There are not many ‘hooks’ per se, but that is made up for by the pure brutality!
    One of the best bands around for their Genre, and a definate top 10 in the ‘best of’ category for 2007! A must have for all headbangers! The question has been answered, DevilDriver is for real.

    Posted on February 23, 2010