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  • My god – after listening to Lateralus about 6 times through, it becomes apparant that you’re not listening to a band – you’re experiencing an epic work of art! From start to finish, the album never lets you go. A recurring theme for Tool has been to think for yourself, question everything. If this masterpiece of an album doesn’t send a wakeup call to the crappy pop ‘artists’ and rap-metal ‘bands’ out there, I don’t know what the heck will! On to a track by track review:1) The Grudge – this track opens up fast and furious, with slower parts as well as fast ones. Adam and Justin’s incredible instrumental work is very notable in this song. Maynard also has a growl that is unlike anything I’ve heard.2) Eon Blue Apocalypse – Relaxing guitars, serves as a good interlude between a fast song like Grudge and a more APC-like movement called…3) The Patient – Sounds like a cross between H and Third Eye (the guitar riffs sound very much like the ones in Third Eye). A very relaxing song which builds and builds to the end which really makes you want to praise Billy Howerdel for starting A Perfect Circle.4) Mantra – lots of chanting. Another interlude between a slow song and a song that’s a little bit quicker. Actually, the chanting sounds like one of my friend’s word-chewed vocal chords, Chad. :) 5) Schism – a single that isn’t 3 minutes long – what a concept! I can’t put this song into words – even one of the less intense songs on Lateralus is better than almost any other piece of crap other bands put out.6) Parabol – good lead-in to Parabola. Slowest song on Lateralus, Maynard’s vocals are so incredible here, makes me want to weep!7) Parabola – fast and furious, kind of like a remix of Parabol. You can’t listen to Parabola without listening to Parabol.8) Ticks & Leeches – The hardest song on the CD, this one goes back to Opiate days. Maynard growling “HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED” makes you want to raise your fist in the air. Awesome stuff. Nice breakdown in the middle.9) Lateralis – This is the Tool national anthem. “Think for yourself” runs throughout this song. The time meter is very screwed up so you can’t really ‘mosh’ to it, which I find very ironic and fitting. :) Forces you to LISTEN to the music and words.10) Disposition – Intro to quite possibly the most intense… movement (I won’t call it a song, it’s too incredible to be one).. that I’ve ever heard.11) Reflection – Listen to this at 2AM, with the lights off, with headphones on. Is it me, or did Trent’s touring with APC rub off on Tool here. GODLY stuff here, man! Best Tool I’ve ever heard.12) Triad – very hard outro to end the trilogy. No lyrics – just lots of hard percussion and guitars/bass.13) Faaip De Oiad – Gaping Lotus Project/Disgustipated reminscent. Fun for the whole family.This was so easily worth the five year wait – I can’t begin to express how I felt when I purchased this on the 14th (my local record store sells stuff early sometimes, hehe). If you haven’t bought this album yet, there’s something wrong with you. This will go down in history with Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. Get it!@!@!@

    Posted on November 11, 2009