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Lazarus Bird

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  • Take the angular, dirty riffs of Mastodon, a pretty heft amount of Pink Floyd-ish ambient psychedelia, the genre-twisting dynamics of Intronaut, and the songcraft of Opeth… put them in a blender and pour them out and the resulting mess would sound something like this masterful, epic album.

    Burst has taken the idea of metalcore (more Starkweather or Switchblade Symphony, less Killswitch Engage and older Trivium) and expanded upon it in ways I don’t think people would think were possible. Combining elements of a lot of their peers without sounding like ripoffs, a propensity for post-rock aesthetics, and some absolutely killer riffs that shred with the best of them, Lazarus Bird is an incredible work of art.

    If you’re a fan of Mastodon, Isis, Intronaut, or Opeth, this is something you need to hear. To bear witness to the crushing riffs of album closer “City Cloaked” give way to a delicate, almost Sergio Leone wisp… to hear the sharp riffs of “I Exterminate the I” play hopscotch with deep psychedelic sections… it’s all incredible.

    Amazing album from an amazing band. Few do it as well, and barely anyone does it better than Burst.

    Posted on January 6, 2010