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Leaving Wonderland...In a Fit of Rage

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  • Apparently this album started out as a solo project, but Woz decided the songs were really Marcy Playground songs, so he recorded them with the band. However it happened, it ended up being a good thing.

    If you are already a Marcy Playground fan, you’ll find this album to be very familiar. If you put it on shuffle play with Shapeshifter you might not be able to figure out which songs are off which album.

    However, I think these songs may have the most depth of any of the Marcy Playgound work. I had it playing for several days in my car, and rather than getting bored, I got inspired to pull out my other Marcy CDs and start playing them again too.

    This is good stuff, if you liked the previous albums. And hey, it’s good stuff even if you never heard the previous albums. Enjoy.

    Posted on January 24, 2010