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Details TBA. Trust Kill. 2005.

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  • The only word that can possibly describe this album is just that. Every track from Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon to Revocate the Agitator will crush your soul completely with amazing technical riffing mastery. Dead But Dreaming is the key track here, 3 minutes and 13 seconds of music that inspires the killing urge that lies deep within all of us. Another great moment is In Hell I Burn, 32 seconds in the song. Possible one of the heaviest riffs ever. CAUTION: THIS CD IS NOT FOR THE WEAK, THE WEAK SHALL BE DESTROYED.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Like most great death metal, “Legion” is short (29 minutes long), sweet (furious and relentless), and to the point (Glen’s clear Satanic message is none-too-subtle.) Glen’s vocals are somewhat typical, here, but, fortunately, this record is brimming with feverish guitars and Steve’s lightning fast, uncompromising double bass drumming (making many of the songs thump like a lawn mower). And, since the guitar riffs are faster, here, than usual, this Floridian death metal group’s sophomore release is also likely their thrashiest-sounding album. (Some moments, like “Satan Spawn” and “Holy Deception,” bring vintage Sepultura to mind.) “Legion” is also probably Deicide’s most complex album. It’s less straight forward than their other releases and has more technical guitar work and complicated song structures. The first track shoots out of the gate; both guitarists go all-out, and unleash a barrage of blindingly fast, speaker shredding guitar noise. The next song, “Dead But Dreaming,” features more sprinting guitar riffs and pile driving drums, and track three, “Repent To Die” works up an awesome-sounding wall of impenetrable sound. “Behead The Prophet” is another tour de force for the guitarists, who lay down even more scorching, cascading guitar riffs and even a wild solo. “In Hell I Burn” has a nice speed change with break neck guitar work and even some creepy, maniacal laughing by Glen, and, lastly, “Revocate the Agitator” is another pummeling stream roller with jackhammer drums. On later releases, Deicide would simplify their song structures and riffs, and Glen’s anti-Christian message would wear thin. But, even though it was released well over a decade ago, “Legion,” never gets old. This is where the band shine brightest (or…darkest), so this album has my vote for being Deicide’s finest hour. Strongly recommended to death metal/Deicide fans, including newcomers.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • That title sums up this CD perfectly. This one has everything that makes a death metal album what it should be. Deicide is notorious for their strongly satanic lyrics, which shocked me at first. Being Christian (weird, considering the music I like), I took offense and simply dismissed the band. After awhile, however, I decided to just give the band a chance. That was one of my best descisions ever. Deicide take everthing that extreme music should comprise and throw it all together to make a masterpiece. As far as this CD, it rocks, plain and simple. Steve Ashiem’s otherworldly drumming highlights most of the tracks on this CD, with constant double-bass rolls going throughout most of the tracks, along with many polyrythyms in the background, creating an unbelievable wall of sound coming from the drum section. The Hoffman brothers do a great job on guitars, accompanying the drums perfectly with lightspeed playing, brutal riffs, and scorching solos. Glen Benton’s bass/vocals finish off the precision. His bass playing is among the fastest I have ever heard and his deathly growl accompanies the music perfectly. It all comes together to be one nightmare-inducing, near-perfect extreme/death metal CD. Overall, I found this to be one of the best extreme/death metal CD’s ever released. No other band I’ve heard can make a CD this great with ABSOLUTELY NO FILLER. Every track will crush you with brutal riffing mastery and intense polyrythmic drums, topping off with earthshaking bass. If you like extreme or death metal, get this now. It will NOT disappoint.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I think that Legion by Deicide is simply the best death metal album, period. It is certainly the best offering from Deicide by far. The vocals are Glen Benton’s best, extremely brutal yet intelligible, unlike, say Chris Barnes’s. The guitars are amazing as are the drums. I don’t know about the bass because you can’t hear it in the mix. Lyrics are typical stupid satanic stuff, about what you’d expect from these guys. The factor that makes this album stand above the rest is the complexity of the rhythm patterns employed in the song structures. Offbeat syncopation gives a jarring feel to otherwise straightforward speed riffs. If you are into death metal, you need to own this album.

    Posted on February 27, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The guitar tone is AWESOME, heavy and really raw, while the production is clear enough. Eric and Brian have really improved since last time we were blessed with their riffage. Speaking of riffs, this album has some KILLER riffs and the solos are a bit better as well, the riffs manage to keep things ANYTHING BUT monotonous. While they’ve done heavier and faster things, this is a more technical side of Deicide. Vocal-wise, this isn’t Glen’s best effort, but he’s pretty damn solid, a great improvement over Deicide. Alot more furious and crazy. His bass is way more audible too, it sounds killer in Dead but Dreaming, when the bass isn’t loud, its providing the missing link between the guitars and everything else, something that made the music sound thin on the first cd.
    Steve performs well as always, I love his bass bursts where he stops and starts the double bass for a couple of seconds. Steve is not the most technical drummer around, but he sure is one of the fittest around, these songs require REAL endurance, and he performs them live with EASE.

    The songs are mostly great, but to tell you the truth, none of ‘em really stood out to me, it’s solid the whole way through. Holy Deception has a groove to DIE for and the rest are just as solid… Although Trifixion…… Trifixion is one of my favourite Deicide songs because it reminds me of early Cannibal Corpse but way better. I’m not gonna go through the good tracks though, because they all RULE…. The themes are more Satanic than…. well, off the top of my head, this is the most Satanic thing Deicide have ever done. Deicide (the cd) mainly discussed anti-christ stuff and sacrifices and all that…. Most of the stuff after this is just dealing with Christian hypocrisy, although it’s not the end, Satanism rears its ugly head alot, I just suppose after time went by, Glen and the boys grew to hate God more and more, it’s just something that grows, they probably wanted to focus more attention on it.

    Well, is this Deicide’s greatest effort? Hmmmmmm…. hard question, I’m gonna have to really think hard about this one, Once Upon the Cross was awesome…….Insyneratehym….. I might finally write my opinion later on in the review of the best Deicide cd…. I could even edit this review to change my opinion…… Oh to hell with it, I’ll just say it!! THIS IS THE BEST DAMN DEICIDE RELEASE THERE IS! This is revolutionary stuff….. it’s so innovative and remains great even today. I love this stuff, it’s just so good…. THIS is a must-have, if you haven’t at least made an effort to get this, don’t consider yourself a true Deicide fan….

    This really is the stuff. I would put this in my top 10 albums of all time.

    Posted on February 27, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now