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  • That title sums up this CD perfectly. This one has everything that makes a death metal album what it should be. Deicide is notorious for their strongly satanic lyrics, which shocked me at first. Being Christian (weird, considering the music I like), I took offense and simply dismissed the band. After awhile, however, I decided to just give the band a chance. That was one of my best descisions ever. Deicide take everthing that extreme music should comprise and throw it all together to make a masterpiece. As far as this CD, it rocks, plain and simple. Steve Ashiem’s otherworldly drumming highlights most of the tracks on this CD, with constant double-bass rolls going throughout most of the tracks, along with many polyrythyms in the background, creating an unbelievable wall of sound coming from the drum section. The Hoffman brothers do a great job on guitars, accompanying the drums perfectly with lightspeed playing, brutal riffs, and scorching solos. Glen Benton’s bass/vocals finish off the precision. His bass playing is among the fastest I have ever heard and his deathly growl accompanies the music perfectly. It all comes together to be one nightmare-inducing, near-perfect extreme/death metal CD. Overall, I found this to be one of the best extreme/death metal CD’s ever released. No other band I’ve heard can make a CD this great with ABSOLUTELY NO FILLER. Every track will crush you with brutal riffing mastery and intense polyrythmic drums, topping off with earthshaking bass. If you like extreme or death metal, get this now. It will NOT disappoint.

    Posted on February 28, 2010