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  • Like most great death metal, “Legion” is short (29 minutes long), sweet (furious and relentless), and to the point (Glen’s clear Satanic message is none-too-subtle.) Glen’s vocals are somewhat typical, here, but, fortunately, this record is brimming with feverish guitars and Steve’s lightning fast, uncompromising double bass drumming (making many of the songs thump like a lawn mower). And, since the guitar riffs are faster, here, than usual, this Floridian death metal group’s sophomore release is also likely their thrashiest-sounding album. (Some moments, like “Satan Spawn” and “Holy Deception,” bring vintage Sepultura to mind.) “Legion” is also probably Deicide’s most complex album. It’s less straight forward than their other releases and has more technical guitar work and complicated song structures. The first track shoots out of the gate; both guitarists go all-out, and unleash a barrage of blindingly fast, speaker shredding guitar noise. The next song, “Dead But Dreaming,” features more sprinting guitar riffs and pile driving drums, and track three, “Repent To Die” works up an awesome-sounding wall of impenetrable sound. “Behead The Prophet” is another tour de force for the guitarists, who lay down even more scorching, cascading guitar riffs and even a wild solo. “In Hell I Burn” has a nice speed change with break neck guitar work and even some creepy, maniacal laughing by Glen, and, lastly, “Revocate the Agitator” is another pummeling stream roller with jackhammer drums. On later releases, Deicide would simplify their song structures and riffs, and Glen’s anti-Christian message would wear thin. But, even though it was released well over a decade ago, “Legion,” never gets old. This is where the band shine brightest (or…darkest), so this album has my vote for being Deicide’s finest hour. Strongly recommended to death metal/Deicide fans, including newcomers.

    Posted on February 28, 2010