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  • This is a great metal album. Chuck Shuldiner was a musical genius. If you like speed or thrash metal and you are looking to get into death metal, immediately buy this album. That’s the way it happened for me. Anyway, this album is heavy and great. The riffs are similar to Slayer at times, only heavier. The riffs are great. The solos are awesome, and they are in every song. The vocals on this album are great, Chuck is still my favorite Death metal vocalist. He is much better than the guys from Cannibal Corpse or any other death metal band. My favorite songs would have to be “Leprosy”, “Pull the Plug”, “Primitive Ways” and “Choke On It”, but they are all great, and there’s no filler. Basically, if you’re into thrash/death metal, there is no way you can go wrong with this album. It was sad to hear about Chuck’s death, and even though I’ve only recently discovered Death, I will miss him. R.I.P. Chuck

    Posted on January 21, 2010