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  • “Leprosy” is early American death metal, meaning basically that it’s extreme thrash with deeper, scarier vocals. While not as technical or diverse as subsequent Death efforts, “Leprosy” makes up for these shortcomings with its bludgeoning heaviness. The album varies in tempo from kind of fast to really fast, never sacrificing its intensity even during instrumental interludes. The production is rather raw, fitting for the type of music being played. The riffing is downtuned and heavy as hell and the leads shred; Schuldiner and Rozz were an excellent guitar combo. In the background, the drums smack relentlessly and the bass is lower than low. And of course, who can forget Chuck Schuldiner’s vocals? His guttural voice, half-scream and half-growl, perfectly matched the overall “sick” sound of the album. I can’t quite justify giving this album five stars, as every song is basically the same, but it’s still more like four and a half stars. It’s too bad about Chuck’s premature demise. His talents will be missed, even by new fans like myself.

    Posted on January 21, 2010