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Lest We Forget: The Best Of

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  • Being a moderate fan of Manson (I have all his CDs, but he’s not my favorite or anything, though I do consider him extremely talented), I bought this CD upon its release day but I bought the version with the DVD because I basically have all the songs already except for “Personal Jesus” and “Tainted Love”. The DVD version costs a few extra bucks, but considering it features all of Manson’s videos, what’s a few bucks?

    As I said before, I have all of Manson’s CDs, therefore I have basically all the songs on here, so if you already have all of Manson’s CDs then you’re waisting your money and basically buying all the same songs again. However, this is a perfect place for new fans to start as it covers his entire career and fans can pick their favorite songs, find out what album they’re from, and check that particular album out. Or, if you’re lookig for just one Manson CD to buy, this’ll do (though I highly suggest picking up his other CDs because some of his best songs were not ‘hits’).

    -Again, a good starting place for new fans
    -”Tainted Love”, which I did not have before
    -”Long Hard Road Out of Hell” is on this CD, so you don’t have to go out and buy the pretty much crappy “Spawn” soundtrack to get it (like I did)
    -An FBI “Anti-piracy” sticker to scare off thieves! (*sarcasm*)

    -ALL OF MANSON’S (already released) HITS ON ONE CD!…
    -…except for his cover of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”, which is pretty dull and defintly not worth buying the CD for just that one song. However, if you want a good, hard-rockin’ cover of “PJ”, check out Lollipop Lust Kill’s one (and only) album “My So-Called Knife”. They too cover the song. It’s #10 on that CD and I like it way more than Manson’s version.
    -The booklet is unsatifying. When Rob Zombie released “Past, Present & Future” he released it with a huge CD booklet full of old and new pictures, artwork, etc., whereas this basically has six or seven pages of Manson photos, no song information, no lyrics, basically no nothing.
    -One of the few pictures in the booklet (it might only be on the DVD/CD version because that comes in a digipak and it’s on the digipak sleve) shows two girls with “Marilyn” and “Manson” carved on their chests. SERIOUSLY, how much more like ketchup could that “blood” look?

    So would I buy this CD if it were DVD-less? Definetly not. I recommend buying the DVD version to hardcore fans definetly and even new fans, as it has everything this version does PLUS all his vidoes (except “Astonishing Paranoia of the End Time” (sorry if I didn’t get that song title right), “Tainted Love”, “Personal Jesus”, and the quote excluse unquote, highly talked about video for “(s)AINT”. You can’t only get “(s)AINT” if you order the CD/DVD package directly off his website from what I’ve heard, a pisser for me because I thought it came on all CD/DVD versions. Oh well…)

    Posted on December 29, 2009