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Let There Be Rock

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  • Let there be rock was the Usa follow up to High Voltage…Ac/Dc is a band unlike any other,in that the style has never changed no matter what. If you put on their debut album High Voltage and compare it to the latest “Stiff Upper Lip” released many many many years later,it sounds extremely similar,as if it could have been released a few months later (of course with the exception of Bon Scott’s vocals) All that being said,I love this CD as I love all Ac/Dc releases. They always play from the heart and put 100 percent into every song. You can’t say that for many bands,most bands release songs onto their albums that you know darn well were just thrown on there to take up space. Let there be rock is very similar in style to high voltage,the lyric content is much the same as is the driving beats and three chord anthems…I wish I could have given this a 3 and a half star review because it is certainly above average but I can’t in good conscience say it is one step below perfect either..there are some fantastic memorable songs on this,such as the title cut “Let There Be Rock” “hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be”,”Overdose” and of course the absolute best song on the CD “Whole Lotta Rosie”,those songs are right up there with any of the best songs from the entire Ac/Dc catalog,but there are some songs that don’t stand up (in my opinion) such as “Go Down” and “Dog Eat Dog”’s not that they aren’t great songs because they are,it’s just that they aren’t as catchy or memorable. The one thing I never quite understood is why they released “Problem Child” on this CD and a few years later released the same exact song on the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap CD…it is a great song but why put it on twice? This is definitely a great CD…the production is top notch and very clear and all fans of good rock and roll and metal should buy this…but if you are new to the band start with Highway To Hell or Back In Black to get a true taste of the genius of this band…they stuck to their guns and will live forever in rock history

    the upside – blues based rock/metal at it’s finest…some extremely tasty lead guitar playing by Angus and some of the best metal screaming in the world by Bon Scott…great production,a great booklet with awesome pictures and stories comes with it, and some classic songs including “Whole Lotta Rosie” which is one of the best Ac/Dc songs ever…all 8 songs are great to rock out to and crank up to 10

    the downside – only 8 songs…no bonus tracks on the remastered edition,and one of the 8 songs “problem child” can be found on Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap…many of the songs on this album sound nearly identical to songs on the previous release ‘high voltage’ and the one to follow ‘powerage’

    the bottom line – with Ac/Dc you simply can’t go wrong…this is what rock and roll was meant to be…you should buy this CD if you love rock and roll of any kind because it would appeal to fans of blues rock,metal,and all styles in between..great production…it’s not their best CD but even an average Ac/Dc release is better than most band’s best CD…go out and buy this but I recommend first buying Back In Black and Highway To Hell and then you’ll be ready to crank up “Let There Be Rock” and air guitar the day away…this band rocks and this CD rocks ..the donutman says so

    Posted on January 25, 2010