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Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (Dlx) (Dig)

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Limited edition digipak pressing includes five bonus tracks. 2009 release from the German Metal band, their sixth release overall. Liebe Ist Fur Alle De is the long awaited follow-up to the 2005 album Rosenrot. The features a blend of the classic Rammstein sound mixed with more texture, energy and power. Features 16 tracks including the first single ’Pussy’.

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  • This is easily their hardest album ever, or at the very least in years. Also it was excellent from end to end as far as I’m concerned, I personally like the lighter songs sprinkled about, you can’t keep a hard tempo up forever, and lets the harder songs maintain their impact. Rammlied is a declaration the band has returned from an overly long absence with only Volkerball to comfort hardcore fans between Rosenrot and now. I can easily picture this song as the opener for the current round of touring, hopefully Reise Reise will still be used as the encore opener.
    A solid row of hard grinding songs follow with “Ich Tu Dir Weh” being a harder faster song but still along the lines of Wo bist Du, the raucous Waidmann’s Heil, and slows a little with Haifisch (Shark) a very danceable tune. Buckstabu, a song who’s title is a word the band made up (to mean anything) is another hard one. The first break is with Fruhling in Paris a melodic tune that is very enjoyable in its own way, and provides a break for the dark, slow building and structurally interesting Wiener Blut, a song based on the Fritzl case in Vienna about a father who turned his own daughter into his personal sex slave (not exactly a new direction for the band given the inspiration for Mein Teil).
    Pussy is an interesting song, popish, crude, most of the lyrics in English, yet very enjoyable, a debauched ditty about sexual tourism (fitting given that the Ukraine is advertising its legal prostitution and great exchange rate with the Euro recently) From here till the finale of Roter Sand its more hard, grinding and grand Rammstein. Roter Sand follows a pattern of a softer finish, a haunting western ballad, the whistling and guitar work being immediate clues to the setting its sending you to, also some background keyboards which actually reminded me of Wall of Voodoo’s “Call of the West”.
    Easily the most enjoyable Rammstein Album since Mutter, and I really liked Reise Reise (Dali Lamah and Keine Lust being favorites) and Rosenrot (the title track, Benzin, and Wo bist Du greatly enjoyed to boot). This is a must have for any serious Rammstein fan.
    The bonus disc features 2 more songs that follow the pattern of the album, though Donnaukinder hints to earlier songs from previous albums with its dark fairy tale like melodies, the last two are a more orchestral version of Roter Sand, and Liese is really Roter Sand with different lyrics, and gave the impression of a much different setting to the song.

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  • There was a lot of hype built up for Liebe Ist Für Alle Da. Band members and representatives have for a while said this album is as hard as Rammstein’s early albums (Sensucht), with all of the experimentation of the band’s more varied albums (Mutter), while at the same time incorporating all of the maturity of the later albums (Rosenrot). That’s a very tall order, but this album really delivers. Note however, this album is actually pretty experimental. No single song sums up the album, so don’t judge it based on one single. And with all the complexity, I’d also caution you to give the album at least a second listen-through before passing judgement. This is a very full plate- don’t feel bad taking seconds.

    The album opens up with “Rammlied”. Many reviewers have been accurate in saying this is something like the older track “Rammstein” remade with the band’s full maturity, without losing any of its edge. Of particular note for long-time listeners is Christoph Schneider’s drumming. He’s been mic’ed up to 11, and he’s even sneaking some double-bass throughout the album. Overall, a great opening. “Ich Tu Dir Weh” begins the experimentation in earnest- there’s actually a lot of clean singing where Till drops the growl during the power portion of a song, and I can’t help but feel some influence from the nu-metal genre. It adds up to an odd but very effective mix that I really enjoy even though I hate nu-metal.

    “Waidmanns Heil” (Hunter’s Call) has the band having a lot of fun with a theme- Till even gets down into panting like an animal. “Haifisch” follows up on the side of fun, sounding something like the icebreaker that was the theme of “Reise, Reise” is crashing through a bordello. Bückstabü (B********) has till grinding out the lyrics until they’re virtually puke metal in parts, making a play on language- Bückstabü is an imaginary word the band intentionally blanked out on the cover so people read more into it than is there, just the sort of language play the band is famous for. These tracks are all solid, and all rocking in their very different ways.

    And then, “Frühling in Paris”. Wait, hold on, a song about a city that’s not deeply satirical? “Frühling…” sounds hopeful and crisp. It’s positively refreshing. You want to roll down the windows and enjoy the summer sun with this one. The band must be setting us up for something- and that something is “Weiner Blut”. The icebreaker has turned up the hill and is mowing down a gothic castle, apparently. “Frühling…” and “Weiner Blut” form a duo that show the range of the album, from beautiful and hopeful and light to dark and foreboding and heavy.

    “P****”. Yes, the word is pussy (the cat, I swear… fingers crossed). I’m not sure how so many negative reviews take this track so seriously- the band hits a dance beat partway through that sounds straight from Ibiza. They’re clearly just having a lot of fun again, complete with some of the worst sexual metaphors you’ve ever heard (stick bratwurst in the sauerkraut). If you’re really taking this track seriously and being offended that the band is singing such silly lyrics, you’ve missed the bulk of Rammstein’s career and probably just aren’t used to hearing the translation so directly. “Liebe Ist für Alle Da” is a fast and yes again fun track, with a lot of clean singing and catchy guitars. “Mehr” ranges from some heavy electronic sound in the keyboarding to hard as an anvil metal guitar to melodic singing- it’s all over, yet it all comes together like a hammer coming down.

    “Roter Sand” is an incredibly interesting change of pace. Acoustic guitars and whistling, in my metal band? This song is incredibly emotional and evocative, surpassing even “Ein Leid” in terms of frankness. It sounds like the theme for the best western ever filmed, and frankly I was nearly moved to tears at one point from the beauty of this track. It’s that good.

    I’d seriously encourage everyone to get the Special Edition digipack. Not only is the digipack great quality, but it’s not much extra money ($1 as of writing!), and you get great bonus tracks. “Fuhre Mich” contains more experimenting between heavy as hell guitars and very clean, simple singing for the chorus. “Donaukinder” sounds like oldschool Rammstein, with simple but wailing guitar backed by massive keyboarding. “Halt” has the band on overdrive, with Till screaming over raucous guitar. “Roter Sand [Orchester Version]“, and “Liese” are both takes on “Roter Sand”, and sound like they’re mixes of the song rejected in editing. It’s very interesting to get some insight into the band’s process. The final pieces, especially the orchester version, sound very complete and solid even if I still think the final version is the best.

    Overall, this is a great album where I love every single track (the “Roter Sand” edits don’t count). My favorite tracks so far are “Roter Sand”, “Frühling in Paris”, “Ich Tu Dir Weh”, and “Pussy” (like a cat, remember?). Not that the harder tracks aren’t excellent, but it’s great to hear a band this established really playing around with their sound and trying new things. I happily hold this up to any of Rammstein’s other releases, and track-for-track, I have to say this is a strong contender for the band’s best album to date.

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  • Let me start of by saying that I have loved every Rammstein album even though some have taken time to grow on me. I got into the band when I was younger… 11 years ago and at that time Herzeleid and Sehnsucht were perfection. I loved the heavier and faster stuff back then. When Mutter came out I wasn’t sure of it as it was a little slower but it after a few weeks of listening the album eclipsed Rammsteins first two releases. I loved the epic quality of each track. The slower tracks really had a quality not seen before and it just made the album feel a lot more solid through out. I got a little older and my taste in music mellowed and the heavier stuff just didn’t have the same feel. I still love Herzelied and Sehnsucht but after Mutter I had seen what a more rhythmic Rammstein could do.

    Then came Reise, Reise and I loved it. But like before it took a little while for me to realize its quality. Don’t get me wrong Rammstein was as heavy as before but they were now experimenting with ballads and me being a little older really appreciated that. Not every song needs to be a head banger. Ohne Dich really demonstrates how Rammstein can put out an epic ballad. It is a perfect track… my favorite track of all their albums. Mein Teil also shows that Rammstein didn’t forget about thier earlier work and its just shows they can rock out when they want to.

    Rosenrot, an album that you either hate or love, I think gets an unfair rep. Its an album that just shows that Rammstein are a little older now and not every track needs to be a Ich Will Flamen Sehen. I loved the album personally. It has more ballad’s then their previous work and I like that a lot. I don’t need so much heaviness all the time. Its an album that relaxes me.

    Now with the release of Liebe Ist Fure Alle Da Rammstein have combined the best of their works. You have the tracks that harken back to Herzeleid and Sehnsucht, tracks that bring about the emotional rawness of Mutter and the ballads of Reise, Reise and Rosenrot. It is a great album through and through. Every track is just great. This one took no time for me to really get into. Every track could be a potential single. My favorite is actually on the bonus CD; Fuhre Mich. The chorus is enchanting and the guitar riffs really get you pumped. Tracks like Ich Tu Dir Wen and Waidmanns Heil remind you of the earlier and rawer Rammstein. While tracks like Donaukinder remind you of Mutter with the emotional quality.

    This is just a great album by a great band.

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  • Of all the “highly anticipated albums” released this year, by the likes of “Alice in Chains” (don’t even get me started there)… by Pearl Jam… and so on… which were TERRIBLE (and yet somehow each has reviews stating “album of the year”)… THIS album, Really does fit that bill.

    Rosenrot (their last album) was a bit of a mis-step for the band, in my opinion. I didn’t like it anywhere near as much as “Mutter” or “Reise, Reise”… but with this release, Rammstein is back to showcase their true ability & talent.

    The 1st track, “Rammlied”, can be best described as “Rammstein” (from “Herzeleid”), on Steroids! Seriously, it’s what that song would’ve sounded like, had they written it during “Mutter” instead of “Herzeleid” (their 1st album). So literally, they start the album off strong… and it just gets better from there.

    I was pretty nervous about this album… not only because of the direction “Rosenrot” took; but because I’ve been SORELY disappointed with EVERY release this year. Thankfully, they delivered… and did so in typical Rammstein fashion. Melodically & Lyrically, one of their best albums (though Mutter will always be my Favorite, as “Ænima” will always be my fav. Tool album)….

    You should definitely get this album… especially the Deluxe 2 Disc edition! There are 5 non-LP Bonus tracks (1 instrumental)… none of them are crappy “Remixes”, which Artists so frequently these days, include as “bonus tracks”. Nope… full fledged, well written songs, that for whatever reason, didn’t make the actual album. It’s definitely refreshing to see that Rammstein “still get it” in that regard… as too many Artists just “throw away” their unused album songs because they feel they’re “not up to par”… and then stick the fan/customer with crummy remixes, or Live versions, as “bonus tracks”. (most of which aren’t good, or of good quality) Again, thankfully, Rammstein “gets it”… and has rewarded us yet again, with some awesome “B-Sides”!

    Also, Vocally, Till just sounds MUCH better on this album than he did on most of Rosenrot & (some of) Reise, Reise. I really can’t say enough good things about this album… & it’s a shame I can’t give it 10 Stars… because like I said earlier, after all the JUNK that’s been released this year… this one truly Towers above the Rest. And while I know they’ll Never get “album of the year” by any US Awards Show… they sure as heck deserve it.

    *side note*: This album is Not edited. The Track List on the back does “asterisk” out the words P*ssy & another (which I’d have to assume is the b.s. word?)… but the music isn’t edited By any means. (also, it’s weird that the Lyric Insert, also “asterisks” out the “B*********” word… everywhere it’s stated (title & chorus); but doesn’t do so for P*ssy?… found that, weird, to say the least) Anyway… Get This (Deluxe) Album, I promise, you wont be disappointed. (and if you’d like to read my reviews of Alice In Chains’ “Black Gives Way To Blue”, or Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer”… click on “read my other reviews”. Those albums were SO terrible, & yet the reviews SO Pro-Biased, I had to speak up!) Cheers… and Enjoy!

    PS: maybe it’s just me; but (to me), “P*ssy” comes off as a regurgitated “Te Quiero Puta!” (from “Rosenrot”)… just w/o the Tex-Mex ‘flavor’… & I wasn’t a big fan of that song to begin with. That’s my only “complaint” about this album… though technically it’s not a “complaint” as P*ssy is far more enjoyable to listen to.

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  • The New Rammstein album. All the fans have been waiting for ages for the album to come out. But, finally: Here it is. Should we be happy; I would say: yes! Worth waiting for. Let’s start off with the review of the tracks. At first I would like to say that I also would go into the lyrics(luckily I master German), which are great! Very solid album, worth 4.5 stars.

    1. Rammlied
    The improved version of “Rammstein”(the track of Herzeleid). More aggresive, faster, sounding better and it “works” better. The intro is great and the lyrics show you that your waiting was not for nothing. “Wer wartet mit Besonnenheit; der wird belohnt am rechten Zeit. Nun das warten hat ein ende”(Who waits with composure, will be rewarded. Well, the waiting has come to an end). YOU as listener are rewarded for your patience. In the track they also mention that they are BACK! At the Bridge Till Lindemann is shouting out his “EIN RICHTUNG!!!” etc. verse; it sounds a bit like Hitler’s Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer, but I’m sure as heck that Rammstein did this intentionally: They WANT to be controversial, even though they are NOT nazis.

    2. Ich Tu Dir Weh
    I hurt you; I don’t feel sorry, it feels good to me, when you’re screaming! That’s essentially what the chorus says. It’s “funny”; so absurd; just great. The main riff is catchy as well as the whole song. One of my personal favorites of the album. It’s about someone who loves him; but he doesn’t love the other one. Actually the person Till sings about is being torture badly. “Bei dir hab ich die Wahl der Qual”; a nice word play. Usually in German it is “qual der wahl”(the problem of choice; which one to pick??), in this case it’s the other way around: which way should he choose in order to hurt the person in question. Anyway, back to the song itself: the production of this song is very solid; one of the tracks you would listen over and over again!

    3. Waidmann’s Heil
    A song about hunting in my opinion since “The Creature must die!”. It sounds a bit heroic and the beginning, coming to the riff, which is so good compared to Rosenrot for instance. Just a quick moment of reflection; if you would place this album into a time period I would place in the gap between Sehnsucht and Mutter(according to the style of music etc.). The song is solid with some nice drum accents and Flake with his keyboard.

    4. Haifisch
    Not a bad song, nor the best. It’s about sharks; crying into the sea. You can’t see the tears since they are in the water and it is the reason why the sea is salt. It’s quite an empty song, with a quite easy riff and some accents of Flake. The chorus is quite good with vocal back-up like we know from Rammstein(a bit like Morgenstern, but more on the background).

    5. Bückstabü
    The word is basically made-up and it stands for nothing; just like Till says: “Don’t do it, Let it be, don’t touch it, just say no”, coming down to the same point. The song starts a bit “dark”. The riff is great with a good bass guitar and same dark piano accents. The chorus is wild and raw: GREAT, Rammstein like we used to know them! The chorus is backed up with great guitar intervention at the end. The bridge is also vocally very strong. The solid production comes forward once more.

    6. Frühling in Paris
    At first I thought that Rammstein would nick the “Springtime in Paris” rhythm of the Jazz song, but no. An unplugged intro. The lyrics are in French and German. The main thing he(Till) says is that he doesn’t feel sorry for anything. Personally I think this is the weakest track of the whole album. I don’t want to spend much of my words to this song because I like to move on the good tracks!

    7. Wiener Blut
    Blood of Vienna basically. It’s about the story of a young girl, trapped under the house of a certain Austrian guy(Jozef Fritzl). The lyrics are truly with a double bottom. It’s sound all great(love nest beneath the house etc.), but the chorus reveals the true nature of the song: “Welcome to the darkness, the solitude and the sadness; for eternity. Welcome to reality!”. The song is built up great. With an intro of: Come with me to my castle into my basement of love etc.. Then the song starts off properly, showing the reality of the story. Pure musical strength in my opinion; being able to mix everything together and expressing the correct feelings with the music, the way they intended it, and the way it should be.

    8. P*ssy
    It’s not just a bad song, with a vulgar music video. It HAS a message. It’s about people getting out of the country to have cheap sex in countries like Thailand etc. Mercedes Benz, the freeway. “Driving abroad on my own, travel travel, driving pleasure. I just want to have fun, I don’t wanna fall in love. Just a little bit, be my little b*tch”. The text is ironic as well; I can’t get laid in Germany. Some double bottom lines like: lightning war with the flesh gun, stick my sausage in your sauerkraut and so on! You can see that this is the single. It’s maybe the most accessible track of the album and the lyrical content is not that hard(a lot of chorus).

    9. Liebe Ist Für Alle Da
    Love is there for all. The album title track. Not the best track in my opinion. The chorus is good though. The lyrics are quite confusing. Love is there for all; not for me, but later on he says the opposite. It might be that he’s telling stories from different perspectives. The music is less good than the rest of the album, the normal riff doesn’t go like an oiled machine. The guitar solo is typical Rammstein.

    10. Mehr
    More! To me this sounds like the culture of grabbing everything there is to grab, even when it has no use. This song is inspired on the global economic crisis, so I think. The song is built up like it should be. Intro, drums and the “violence” rolls on! Quite a good song.

    11. Roter Sand
    Red Sand. It starts of with someone whistling. When you’ve heard it once, you’ll whistle it yourself. Then some dark guitar tunes pop up. It’s a love story with a dramatic end. They both had guns(Two pistols, two rounds), but one pulled quicker, one died, the other one survived(It’s deep in my chest). The song is great in his simplicity. The song just expresses the correct feelings once again. It just fits all together somehow. Just great!

    And now… CD 1 has ended, but luckily you’ve bought the DLX version, so you will be rewarded even more. 5 More tracks await you. At first, a quick review of disc one. Solid, the old Rammstein seems to be back. Even Rammstein themselves call it a comeback. This album is the one that will make Rosenrot dissapear. With all due respect, the album Rosenrot was just made up from album take-outs of Reise Reise and some other recordings that didn’t make it to an album. The normal version is worth buying but the 2 disc version(for just a couple of bucks more) is even worth more. With a nice booklet and deluxe cardboard package(which works quite complicated though; you have to practice how to fold it back).

    Now disc two; five more tracks. Führe mich(Lead me) is first. It starts of mysteriously dark again. This really is a good track with some subtle details and a really (vocally) good chorus. Some “opera” features are in it as well. Donaukinder comes next(this track has some dark lyrics as well. Missing kids, a river, rats satisfied with food, poisoned water springs…this suggests that something happened to those kids(probably decomposing) at the Donau river; but like the chorus says: “where are they? Nobody knows what has happened here” ), also a good track which will give you the feeling you want more. This truly sounds like Rammstein from the days of wayback somehow. Halt is up next; sounds dark(again!), good track once again. Good chorus and again (sorry for mentioning this over and over again) sounds like the old Rammstein! The Roter Sand orchestra version is not very different from the normal version and could be more differing in order to make it better in my opinion. Still, it is a good track. Last one; Liese. Starts of with the whistling theme again. Has the same intro as Roter Sand(Orchestra) but with different lyrics. Also good, good vocal work!

    Concluding to this; if you are only slightly interested or “made warm” for this album, do NOT hesitate to buy it; because it will be worth your money. This album can be played over and over again without getting boring. The only drawbacks are Frühling in Paris and the fact that the second disc only contains 5 tracks. For the rest of it: Great. Four and a half stars: ****+



    Tom from the Netherlands

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