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Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (Dlx) (Dig)

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  • Of all the “highly anticipated albums” released this year, by the likes of “Alice in Chains” (don’t even get me started there)… by Pearl Jam… and so on… which were TERRIBLE (and yet somehow each has reviews stating “album of the year”)… THIS album, Really does fit that bill.

    Rosenrot (their last album) was a bit of a mis-step for the band, in my opinion. I didn’t like it anywhere near as much as “Mutter” or “Reise, Reise”… but with this release, Rammstein is back to showcase their true ability & talent.

    The 1st track, “Rammlied”, can be best described as “Rammstein” (from “Herzeleid”), on Steroids! Seriously, it’s what that song would’ve sounded like, had they written it during “Mutter” instead of “Herzeleid” (their 1st album). So literally, they start the album off strong… and it just gets better from there.

    I was pretty nervous about this album… not only because of the direction “Rosenrot” took; but because I’ve been SORELY disappointed with EVERY release this year. Thankfully, they delivered… and did so in typical Rammstein fashion. Melodically & Lyrically, one of their best albums (though Mutter will always be my Favorite, as “Ænima” will always be my fav. Tool album)….

    You should definitely get this album… especially the Deluxe 2 Disc edition! There are 5 non-LP Bonus tracks (1 instrumental)… none of them are crappy “Remixes”, which Artists so frequently these days, include as “bonus tracks”. Nope… full fledged, well written songs, that for whatever reason, didn’t make the actual album. It’s definitely refreshing to see that Rammstein “still get it” in that regard… as too many Artists just “throw away” their unused album songs because they feel they’re “not up to par”… and then stick the fan/customer with crummy remixes, or Live versions, as “bonus tracks”. (most of which aren’t good, or of good quality) Again, thankfully, Rammstein “gets it”… and has rewarded us yet again, with some awesome “B-Sides”!

    Also, Vocally, Till just sounds MUCH better on this album than he did on most of Rosenrot & (some of) Reise, Reise. I really can’t say enough good things about this album… & it’s a shame I can’t give it 10 Stars… because like I said earlier, after all the JUNK that’s been released this year… this one truly Towers above the Rest. And while I know they’ll Never get “album of the year” by any US Awards Show… they sure as heck deserve it.

    *side note*: This album is Not edited. The Track List on the back does “asterisk” out the words P*ssy & another (which I’d have to assume is the b.s. word?)… but the music isn’t edited By any means. (also, it’s weird that the Lyric Insert, also “asterisks” out the “B*********” word… everywhere it’s stated (title & chorus); but doesn’t do so for P*ssy?… found that, weird, to say the least) Anyway… Get This (Deluxe) Album, I promise, you wont be disappointed. (and if you’d like to read my reviews of Alice In Chains’ “Black Gives Way To Blue”, or Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer”… click on “read my other reviews”. Those albums were SO terrible, & yet the reviews SO Pro-Biased, I had to speak up!) Cheers… and Enjoy!

    PS: maybe it’s just me; but (to me), “P*ssy” comes off as a regurgitated “Te Quiero Puta!” (from “Rosenrot”)… just w/o the Tex-Mex ‘flavor’… & I wasn’t a big fan of that song to begin with. That’s my only “complaint” about this album… though technically it’s not a “complaint” as P*ssy is far more enjoyable to listen to.

    Posted on January 31, 2010