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Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (Dlx) (Dig)

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  • Let me start of by saying that I have loved every Rammstein album even though some have taken time to grow on me. I got into the band when I was younger… 11 years ago and at that time Herzeleid and Sehnsucht were perfection. I loved the heavier and faster stuff back then. When Mutter came out I wasn’t sure of it as it was a little slower but it after a few weeks of listening the album eclipsed Rammsteins first two releases. I loved the epic quality of each track. The slower tracks really had a quality not seen before and it just made the album feel a lot more solid through out. I got a little older and my taste in music mellowed and the heavier stuff just didn’t have the same feel. I still love Herzelied and Sehnsucht but after Mutter I had seen what a more rhythmic Rammstein could do.

    Then came Reise, Reise and I loved it. But like before it took a little while for me to realize its quality. Don’t get me wrong Rammstein was as heavy as before but they were now experimenting with ballads and me being a little older really appreciated that. Not every song needs to be a head banger. Ohne Dich really demonstrates how Rammstein can put out an epic ballad. It is a perfect track… my favorite track of all their albums. Mein Teil also shows that Rammstein didn’t forget about thier earlier work and its just shows they can rock out when they want to.

    Rosenrot, an album that you either hate or love, I think gets an unfair rep. Its an album that just shows that Rammstein are a little older now and not every track needs to be a Ich Will Flamen Sehen. I loved the album personally. It has more ballad’s then their previous work and I like that a lot. I don’t need so much heaviness all the time. Its an album that relaxes me.

    Now with the release of Liebe Ist Fure Alle Da Rammstein have combined the best of their works. You have the tracks that harken back to Herzeleid and Sehnsucht, tracks that bring about the emotional rawness of Mutter and the ballads of Reise, Reise and Rosenrot. It is a great album through and through. Every track is just great. This one took no time for me to really get into. Every track could be a potential single. My favorite is actually on the bonus CD; Fuhre Mich. The chorus is enchanting and the guitar riffs really get you pumped. Tracks like Ich Tu Dir Wen and Waidmanns Heil remind you of the earlier and rawer Rammstein. While tracks like Donaukinder remind you of Mutter with the emotional quality.

    This is just a great album by a great band.

    Posted on January 31, 2010