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Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (Dlx) (Dig)

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  • This is easily their hardest album ever, or at the very least in years. Also it was excellent from end to end as far as I’m concerned, I personally like the lighter songs sprinkled about, you can’t keep a hard tempo up forever, and lets the harder songs maintain their impact. Rammlied is a declaration the band has returned from an overly long absence with only Volkerball to comfort hardcore fans between Rosenrot and now. I can easily picture this song as the opener for the current round of touring, hopefully Reise Reise will still be used as the encore opener.
    A solid row of hard grinding songs follow with “Ich Tu Dir Weh” being a harder faster song but still along the lines of Wo bist Du, the raucous Waidmann’s Heil, and slows a little with Haifisch (Shark) a very danceable tune. Buckstabu, a song who’s title is a word the band made up (to mean anything) is another hard one. The first break is with Fruhling in Paris a melodic tune that is very enjoyable in its own way, and provides a break for the dark, slow building and structurally interesting Wiener Blut, a song based on the Fritzl case in Vienna about a father who turned his own daughter into his personal sex slave (not exactly a new direction for the band given the inspiration for Mein Teil).
    Pussy is an interesting song, popish, crude, most of the lyrics in English, yet very enjoyable, a debauched ditty about sexual tourism (fitting given that the Ukraine is advertising its legal prostitution and great exchange rate with the Euro recently) From here till the finale of Roter Sand its more hard, grinding and grand Rammstein. Roter Sand follows a pattern of a softer finish, a haunting western ballad, the whistling and guitar work being immediate clues to the setting its sending you to, also some background keyboards which actually reminded me of Wall of Voodoo’s “Call of the West”.
    Easily the most enjoyable Rammstein Album since Mutter, and I really liked Reise Reise (Dali Lamah and Keine Lust being favorites) and Rosenrot (the title track, Benzin, and Wo bist Du greatly enjoyed to boot). This is a must have for any serious Rammstein fan.
    The bonus disc features 2 more songs that follow the pattern of the album, though Donnaukinder hints to earlier songs from previous albums with its dark fairy tale like melodies, the last two are a more orchestral version of Roter Sand, and Liese is really Roter Sand with different lyrics, and gave the impression of a much different setting to the song.

    Posted on February 1, 2010