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Life and Times

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  • I have been listening to Bob Mould since before people told me to purchase Husker Du because I was listening to too much of Sugar.

    This is Bob Mould’s best and most well-rounded solo album since his
    1996 solo LP “Bob Mould”.

    “Life and Times” is a very focused record, and has more in common with
    “Modulate” and his work in the trio Sugar than his latest LPs.

    If “Bob Mould,” “The Last Dog and Pony Show,” “District Line,” “Modulate,”
    and “Black Sheets of Rain” are your least favorite albums by Mould, then
    you won’t really find anything to like here.

    However, if you particularly enjoy his electronic meanderings and his
    singluarly authentic ‘voice’ on lead guitar, then you are in for a treat
    with “Life and Times”.

    Although it is impossible for Mould to top his work with Sugar or
    his solo masterpiece “Workbook,” this is as good as he’s ever sounded.

    Posted on December 2, 2009