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Life Begins Again

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  • Jimmy Chamberlin Complex has done the unthinkable! They have created an album that is truely original and sounds like nothing else out there. Which today is quite a feat in and of itself!

    The melodies are haunting and beautiful and create a lush musical landscape that brings you back for more and more listens! The instrumentals are so engaging, whether its the intense guitar solo on Streetcrawler, the beatiful acoustic bass sounds on Cranes of Prey, or the incomperable drumming of the master Mister Jimmy Chamberlin which is audible on each and every track!!!!

    The vocals are perfect. It’s just so great that there is a record out there half instrumental and half vocals. It’s so refreshing. Rob Dickinson from brit rock group the Catherine Wheel is just amazing on both Life Begins Again and Love is Real. Billy Corgan appears on Loki Cat which is by far one of the album’s highlights. This track would have been one of the best even without vocals on it. But with Billy C’s characteristic voice it just gives me the chills! Billy Mohler gives a beautiful vocal performace on Newerwaves (my personal fav on the record). But the most surprising of all the vocal appearances is that of the legendary Bill Medley of the Righteous Bros. on the final track ‘Lullabye.’ His voice has that classic sound that could never be replicated by anyone! It’s so cool to hear a classic voice like his on a new track like ‘Lullabye.’ It’s timeless! The album has many sounds and keeps listeners on their toes, but it ALWAYS sounds like a band, like a record. Never disjointed or all over the place. It’s a real musical journey and great to listen to from start to finish!

    I could go on and on, i just cant say enough great things. And if anyone gets the chance to see the band live, YOU WON’T BE DISAPOINTED. I saw them play at the Mercury Lounge in NY and it was the most crazy performance i have ever heard/seen. It’s one thing if a band sounds amazing on a record because of “Studio Magic”, but it’s another thing all together when a band can actually carry it off live the way they do, its just incredible. Something i wish more bands could do!

    Anyways, i recommend this album and think its going to be an inspiration to musicians everywhere. It is a musical breakthrough!

    Posted on February 13, 2010