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Life Begins Again

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  • Taking a long-needed breather from the mud of music digitally transmitted these days, The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex addresses the need for musicians to flex their muscles, stretch and allow their influences to flow. Jimmy Chamberlin and Billy Mohler deliver the truly unique without alienating the fan tied to the rock-song formula.

    Effectively, this is a jazz album that bridges to alt-rock and somehow keeps it all together. Kudos to Chamberlin for recruiting some varied talent that really works. Rob Dickinson, IMO the most underated songwriter/vocalist/guitarist of the most underated Brit import, Catherine Wheel, is once again, inspiring. The addition of Bill Medley gives Tom Waits a run for his money. For drummers, think Simon Phillips meets-Max Roach-meets Jimmy Chamberlin.

    This one is staying the cd-player for the near future.

    Posted on February 13, 2010