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Life Begins Again

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  • Don’t get me wrong, I love the smashing pumpkins, but I’m thankful this is not another pumpkins record.This record seems to have strong roots in both prog rock and jazz, and Jimmy lays the chops full on for us to enjoy. Billy Mohler assist Jimmy with writing. It’s very interesting to listen to Jimmy’s style in a different situation, where he is really free to apply his immense talent.”Streetcrawler” is an excellent track, with one of the most infectious beats a drummer could ever listen to. The title track, “Life begins again”, is one of two conventional sounding rock tracks, the other being “Love is real”. These tracks could almost sound like Smashing Pumpkins tracks if it weren’t for Rob Dickinson being the singer. Jimmy lets it all go on “PSA”, showcasing his blistering fills and technical proficiency on drums. “Loki Cat” is what might draw the hardcore pumpkins fans in, with a cameo from Billy Corgan. Thankfully, the input from Corgan is restrained and very tasteful. This track is what the pumpkins’ “Adore” album could have sounded like under different circumstances – and who knows what direction they would have gone from there (a very interesting thing to ponder indeed).”Cranes of Prey” is quite the treat. An instrumental alternating between heavy sections and dreamy breakdowns with double bass, this track perhaps might be the best track without vocals, if it wasn’t for the excellent “Streetcrawler”.”Owed to Darryl” is a slightly more challenging listen for the casual listener. Very jazz heavy (or is it heavy jazz?), this track can reward the listener with it’s complexity and utter madness.”Newerwaves” is Billy Mohler’s track to highlight his vocals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like a finished track, or a particularly inspired piece. It was a good idea, it just needs movement instead of dragging on.”Time Shift” is a neat little instrumental track, with a lighter feel than many of the other tracks. It adds a good balance to the rest of the material’s tendency to go a bit over the top at times.”Lullabye” is perhaps the strangest track on the album. Featuring very distinct vocals by Bill Medley, it has a very different feel than any other track on the cd. While the combination of Bill’s voice and the music of the Jimmy Chamberlin complex is interesting, it almost seems to be too much of a contrast to fit in properly. Nonetheless, a listenable song.In short, this album has been on repeat in my cd player for about a week on end, and I don’t see it going anywhere in the next little while. A very unique and memorable collection for those who really appreciated Jimmy Chamberlin’s input to the Smashing Pumpkins excellent material.

    Posted on February 13, 2010