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Life in San Antonio

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  • I really waited to hear this live album because I had all the Budgie studio albums in my CD collection. The track listing seems very good…there’s classics as “I Turned to Stone”, “Zoom Club”, “Breadfan”, “Napoleon Bona part 1 & 2″, and “Guts”. But there’s also “Gunslinger”. And why? Because is a Texas kind of song! Because this album was recorded in San Antonio, Texas it has to be that song. That would have been great if the live version would have been at least good but I have to say that this version is terrible. Also the opening track “Crime Against the World” is a lousy opener. I think that “Forearm Smash” would have been better. There’s also no songs from “Squawk” although that would have been great. I would have love to hear “Whiskey River” or “Hot As a Docker’s Armpit” live. Of course there are lots of songs I would have liked to hear live. But what’s in this album? Great versions of the songs, recorded in 2002, about twenty years after their latest studio record “Deliever Us From Evil”. Still, the band sounds almost as good as in 70’s…maybe even better. However, I was disappointed that “Breaking All the House Rules” is only three minutes long. It was the first Budgie song I ever heard played by Budgie. Obviously that was just a way to fit more songs for the record. The both medleys are great. Especially it was a great idea to do “Breadfan/NDPW/Breadfan” medley but also “In for the Kill/RotL/Guts/IftK” is great! “Black Velvet Stallion” is even better in this live album than in studio album.
    Stars: Napoleon Bona Part I and II, In for the Kill/Rape of the Locks/Guts, Breadfan/Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman

    Posted on November 24, 2009