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Life Is Killing Me

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  • And being about the same age as Peter, Josh, Kenny & Johnny, I can totally appreciate the melding of the two. The love-of and influenced-by really shows up on this album, and the result is a pure winner… more “October Rust” in form and style, a bit of a departure from the funeral dirge of “World Coming Down”, a little lighter perhaps, and more musically diverse (and therefore interesting). LIKM has everything TON fans have come to expect: the cover tune (Angry Inch), the politically incorrect tune (I Like Goils), the play on words and love gone wrong tunes (How Could She, A Dish Best Served Coldly), songs of self-loathing and disenchantment (I Don’t Wanna Be Me, Life is Killing Me). Musically, TON is in top form here. As usual, Peter and Josh produced the album (can anyone imagine anyone else producing a TON album??), so it has the flavor we’ve come to expect. You know, the kind that can only be cooked up by the world’s foremost Brooklyn NYC goth metal band? The only thing missing from this album is the goof intro track… these are dear to my heart, as one of my fondest memories was the afternoon I came home to find my husband cursing the new DVD/CD player because it wouldn’t play CDs right… he’d grabbed “World Coming Down” off the TV cabinet and track 1 (Skip It) was giving him fits… I’m looking forward to seeing Type O Negative when they hit town in early August. Life is good again (even if it’s killing Peter Steel).

    Posted on December 6, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • “Life is Killing Me” is an album that was four years in the making, and is undoubtadly Type O Negative’s best work since the classic “October Rust”. Returning to their more melodic and catchy sound a la “Bloody Kisses” and “October Rust”, “Life is Killing Me” almost abandons the epic dirges that have become such staples of the band, but in return we get Type O at their musical best, and “Life is Killing Me” is undoubtadly one of the band’s best albums. The anthemic “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” carries a punkish vibe throughout, while “I Like Goils” is a hilarious toungue-in-cheek take on lead singer Pete Steele’s brushes with getting hit on by homosexuals. The title track is a fast paced fist pumping song that will make long time fans of the band stand up and salute. Other standout tracks include “Less Than Zero”, “Tod’s Ship Gods”, “How Could She?”, and the surprisingly touching and heart wrenching “Nettie” which tells about Pete’s mother. Josh Silver’s keyboard work is phenominal here, some of his best in quite some time, and the band as a whole sounds much more tighter than they did on the previous album “World Coming Down”. All in all, “Life is Killing Me” is one of, if not the, best albums of the year.

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  • It has been 5 years since the last Type O Negative album, and many thought that Type O was done for good. If you thought that I can not stress how wrong you were. Although World Coming Down was a very good album it still did not live up to their albums like Bloody Kisses or October Rust. This newest release “Life is Killing Me” is in my opinion their best album since Bloody Kisses, and their second best release overall. Unlike World Coming Down, this entire album is good with no weak, boring songs. This album kicks off with an upbeat number “I dont wanna be me”, followed by more good songs like “less than zero” and “I like goils”. However, this album hit its peak in the middle with tracks 7-10, which are 4 of the best songs Type O has ever written. These four songs, “How could she?”, “Life is Killing Me”, “Nettie”, and (We Were) Electrocute” are all unbelievable songs that remind you why you started listening to Type O Negative in the first place. In conclusion, this is the first Type O Negative CD to actually challenge Bloody Kisses for their best album. In the end this album is right behind Bloody Kisses, and shows that Type O Negativ are still here, and have officially sealed themselves as music legends.:

    Posted on December 6, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • i can count those cd which i loved from start to finish, on one hand. Life is killing me makes no exception, it’s just 75 minutes of sheer gothic/groovy/doom/punk goodness. TON makes a jaw-droppingly (does such term exist?) organic music that meanders through all the above mentioned styles (and then some) and still comes out as in-your-face, remarkably tight music. jee, i almost forgot about the lyrics!well just like the music, they also range from doomy lyrics about loss and despair, to happy-go-lucky downright hilarious (try the exquisitely ‘macho’ , “I like Goils”), more than a mere passing nod at punk (Angry inch) as well as tunes in the purest heavy metal vain such as “i dont wanna be me”. this is greatness from start to finish and i’m even tempted to place it above “Bloody Kisses” because TON never sounded that good and catchy. well at least not for a whole straight 75 minutes! for all of you cynics out there, this album is for you! Thank you, TON, for a blinding return to form.

    Posted on December 6, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Dark, Moody, Happy, Uplifting, Rock, Goth, Industrial, Catchy, Kitschy, Playful, Poetic, Silly; all this and more rolled up into one CD. Though I don’t skate directly into the hardcore Goth music culture, I enjoy flitting about the edges of the genre and sampling what looks to be tasty offerings.I thought that Type O Negative was strictly for heavy Goth aficionados, but I was wrong. If you like rock or industrial or both, you will probably like this CD also. Type O Negative’s Peter Steele manages to blend all these different variations and inflections into a mix that doesn’t deny any of its origins.The first song, “Thi13teen” is a short instrumental, only one minute and not worth much mention as it is mostly an introductory piece. Following it is “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”, which is so darn catchy it’s addictive. Fast and fun, I find myself singing this ditty in the halls at work.”Less than Zero” uses a sitar in its hypnotic melody, with dark and gross lyrics that talk about snot and poop, pus and blood; all combine to form another of my favorites from this CD. I love the grinding of the guitars in combination with the relaxed sounds of the sitar and a bit of added conga drums to spice up the exotic flavor of the music.”Todd’s Ship Gods” is more about remembering what Father told you, bringing to mind how big adults were when we were little, and how whatever they said was taken for granted. I’m sure this is just my interpretation, but I like the song nonetheless and found that despite rather moody lyrics, the tune has an uplifting quality that is subtle but undeniable.”I like Goils” is very catchy, kind of like “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”, and has some absolutely hilarious lyrics involving vocalist/songwriter Peter Steele letting the world know which way he swings, a special message to the high heeled boys that “he likes Goils”.”A Dish Best Served Coldly” is a dreary and sullen seven minute ride through a stupor of vengeful thoughts, not one of my favorites.”How Could She?” takes a silly lyrical tribute to the past babes of TV, both real and cartoon, and places it to ballad versus and thumping choruses, and wraps up with a little thrashing before falling back into the ballad. Not a favorite, but certainly a fun piece.”Life Is Killing Me”, the title song for this CD, is a showcase for Steele’s Goth influenced vocals, with the melody practically stopping while he intones his dissatisfaction with the medical institutions and professionals; then speeding up to a fast and catchy chorus. This is one of my favorites, another one of the tracks I find myself humming in the hallways at work. Though “Nettie” starts out with heavy Gothic vocals, it quickly turns into a pure rock chorus compete with a driving “railroad” beat. This would be the “love song” of LIKM, with Steele actually penning some affection into the words.”(We Were) Electrocute” is a playful, nostalgic glance back at our wasted youth, with an amusing “Na na na” chorus and some excellent drum and guitar work at the ending.”Iydkmigthtky (Gimme That)” is one of the more “Gothic” tunes on the CD, Steele using his deep guttural voice especially on the third verse, and the tune is dark and rather monotonous, following the morose humor of the genre.Now “Angry Inch”, this song is Punk all the way, with a heavy “Murderdolls” influence to the music and side-splittingly funny lyrics about a sex change operation gone wrong. One of my favorites! :o )”Anesthesia” is a haunting song, beautiful and poetic and moving. It’s a love song, but its about lost love and the numbness that follows that loss. There are also some interesting synthesizers in this tune, sometimes piano and sometimes organ, and you can practically hear the tears in Steele’s voice. Beautiful song. “Drunk In Paris” is a short, one and a half minute instrumental that has the mood of one of the old-time scary movies; Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, masters of the B&W horror flicks.”The Dream Is Dead” is also a song of lost love, but moodier and more desolate than “Anesthesia”, with some excellent guitar work and a pulsating beat, there is more angst and less hurt in this version of painful reminiscing. What an awesome CD, quite flexible to all my moods, with sound vocals and talented instrumentals. If you are a fan of either rock, industrial, or goth, you will be able to find what you like in this excellent recording. Enjoy!

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