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Life Is Killing Me

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  • It has been 5 years since the last Type O Negative album, and many thought that Type O was done for good. If you thought that I can not stress how wrong you were. Although World Coming Down was a very good album it still did not live up to their albums like Bloody Kisses or October Rust. This newest release “Life is Killing Me” is in my opinion their best album since Bloody Kisses, and their second best release overall. Unlike World Coming Down, this entire album is good with no weak, boring songs. This album kicks off with an upbeat number “I dont wanna be me”, followed by more good songs like “less than zero” and “I like goils”. However, this album hit its peak in the middle with tracks 7-10, which are 4 of the best songs Type O has ever written. These four songs, “How could she?”, “Life is Killing Me”, “Nettie”, and (We Were) Electrocute” are all unbelievable songs that remind you why you started listening to Type O Negative in the first place. In conclusion, this is the first Type O Negative CD to actually challenge Bloody Kisses for their best album. In the end this album is right behind Bloody Kisses, and shows that Type O Negativ are still here, and have officially sealed themselves as music legends.:

    Posted on December 6, 2009