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  • Man, I’m crying to say that, but I cannot be dishonest on how I feel when I listen to this double live album. Phil Lynott is a genius songwriter and one hell of a bassist, and his band Thin Lizzy, from a period of 1975 – 1979, and again briefly in 1983, were the most powerful band in the world! Studio or on stage they were a take-no-prisoners act and no one came even close! Their 1978 live release, Live and Dangerous, became a landmark release and displayed to every other band out their how a live album should sound. Energetic, powerful, chock full of good riffs, the dual lead guitars just ripping right through you, it’s an album I will never ever forget about it! But this 1984 live effort is weak. The idea worked on paper to bring past guitarist onstage for their signature songs when they were in the band, and in concert it was amazing to witness this. But the resulting product is lackluster. The performance isn’t as captivating as Live & Dangerous, the sound quality is terrible throughout, and Lynott is not audible. For fans of Lizzy, looking for a true keeper from the 1983 line-up and
    tour (with smokin John Sykes on guitar), should look for the live at the BBC InConcert release, released on an import label about 5 years ago. The concert is from London in 1983 and features a complete show and it is the true follow-up to the Live & Dangerous album. Thin Lizzy still had the fire in 1983, it’s just not documented on the Live Life release.

    Posted on March 17, 2010