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  • Ok I know they had strong links to Fred Durst and the fast dying genre that is nu-metal but I never expected this. Whilst some of the material on Come Clean was poor, there were obvious standout tracks such as Blurry and P*** it All Away plus more that were very listenable to.There is not a single track on this album that I enjoy listening to. It’s all the same, the same whiny ‘I hate my girlfriend’ theme all the way. It’s absolutely abysmal unlistenable to bilge.What were they thinking when they recorded it who on earth could enjoy this. Listening to it makes me feel ill and confirms my suspicions that Puddle of Mudd could well be one of the worst bands on the entire earth. The only reason I haven’t given it no stars is because I can’t.Avoid this like the plague.

    Posted on January 14, 2010