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  • “Away From Me” (5/5): The lead single is a really great song.”Heel Over Head” (4/5): Another solid P.O.M. tune that could have been heard on Come Clean.”Nothing Left To Lose” (2/5): This song does nothing for me, at all.”Change My Mind” (3/5): This slow paced song is ok, but nothing more.”Spin You Around” (3/5): Another average, at best, song.”Already Gone” (3/5): The trend of decent, but not memorable songs continue here.”Think” (2/5): THINK again if you play this one, skip to the next song.”Cloud 9″ (5/5): Finally! Wes and company hit us with an awesome song, the best song since the opener.”Bottom” (3/5): Wes’ whining in this song gets pretty tiresome, but the music’s good.”Freak Of The World” (4/5): This track will keep you singing along.”Sydney” (3/5): Not a bad song, kind of reminds me of “Drift And Die” off of the last record.”Time Flies” (3/5): Though the song is not a thrilling conclusion, it’s not a horrible one.Puddle Of Mudd’s sophmore effort, in my opinion, doesn’t quite live up to the last album. Some albums are different because the music’s different, but here the music sounds the same as the last album and still doesn’t manage a great response. Rating: Three stars

    Posted on January 14, 2010