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Life Starts Now

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  • It’s been 6 years since the release of their Platinum selling Self Titled debut, and these guys are still going strong. Around the time of their second release “One X”, everyone wondered if these guys could actually top their first album.. and we all know the result of that.. yet another Platinum selling album, followed by a live dvd, which was also great. Come 2009, we have their third release “Life Starts Now” an album I thought, would be almost impossible, after an album like “One X”! Surprisingly, I’d say, this album isn’t up par with “One X”, But different altogether. More solos can be heard this time around.. different, but good! The first single “Break” starts off with “Billy Jean” like beats, but then it literally breaks into signature 3DG riffing.. amazing bass work in this song. I saw the video the other day, its way too polished with all the good boy hair do’s, & a funny concept.. all paint flying around.. but i couldn’t stop laughing when I saw Barry Stock in a Pink suit.. anyways, back to the album review.. this is a more mellow album, if compared to the last two albums.. but in no way short of quality ~ “World So Cold” is like a testament to 3DG’s past efforts, its pure 3DG style rock from start to finish! “The Good Life” is like this albums “Riot”. Album highlights would be the tracks “No More” (its got one of those choruses that just stick in your head) & “Last To Know” (good piano work building up to a strong climax) The rest of the album is just as good, like I said, not on the same pace as the last 2 albums, comparatively more mellow.. but on its own its a great 3rd effort! Right now the song “Without You” seems to be stuck in my head, I just love the way it starts and the solo towards the end. All in all a great album from a great band who never fail to surprise! Nowadays it so easy to get complete discographies from those torrent sites.. even new albums way before their release date!! Nothing can be done about it though.. piracy IMO cant be stopped! But what we could do, as true fans, is buy the mp3’s or even the cd’s, to credit bands like 3DG for what they are worth. I said it in another review, & I’ll say it again, It’s bands like 3DG that are actually worth paying the amount for! Cheers to 3DG for making yet another KicK@$$ album. Buy it, you will not be disappointed ;o)

    Posted on November 14, 2009