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  • I won’t be on my soapbox as much as I was last time. It seems that I pretty much agree with the general concensus on this album. I thought it was a great sophmore effort. It wasn’t quite as dark or grungy as “Felons,” but it showed off the rest of their talents and what they as a band are capable of. And just a quick note to all those who keep saying that this isn’t real “hardcore,” and that this is weak, I just have a quick question: Did it ever occur to any of you geniuses that maybe Dope never meant for themselves to be put in the same category as slayer, deicide, downset, or other groups that simply see how heavy they are capable of playing, all while disregarding the amount of quality music that gets lost in the process? You want hardcore, check out Chimaira and back off, because you obviously don’t know that there exists several different categories in music, and especially in this genre.One Love

    Posted on January 14, 2010