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Light Grenades

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  • but what some may say shows that they “sold out” or are “losing the magic” I just see as change which has always been in their catalog and varied ways to get there point across.

    It’s weird but Oil and Water and Anna Molly are pretty much the first Incubus songs that I can shake my butt to! Sure, that’s a bad thing to some but I love it!

    Incubus has always put their emotion in the forefront with the awesome vocals and that is still here. The production to most of the songs is varied to a tee. (Check out Quicksand and then Dig and then A Kiss To Send Us Off).

    But most of you know what this album entails so far. It did come out in 2006 and many of you have had the pleasure of it being ingrained in your very minds or having to live with this “disappointment”.

    Thank goodness that I am on my way to join the former and that this is my second favorite album by Incubus. The underrated A Crow Left Of The Murder being my first. But honestly, this one might grow to being the best.

    The only “weak tracks” in my opinion are Light Grenades (it’s just there) and Pendulous Threads which just goes on. They are both heavy ??? but don’t go anywhere really, especially LG. But that’s my opinion.

    Earth To Bella Part II is another headscratcher but it’s tolerable. It’s just nothing like the first. It’s quieter and then you hear Brandon harmonizing over and over. It’s kinda freaky. LOL

    Key tracks thus far are:

    Anna Molly
    Oil And Water
    Paper Shoes
    Earth To Bella Pt.I

    4.5 stars.

    I think the biggest surprise for me is how almost all the songs sound different. Yes, we’re used to that with my favorite band ever. HOWEVER, it has a bit of everything for all old and new Incubus fans. HOWEVER, if you didn’t like A Crow Left Of The Murder, I’m afraid that you should pass on this. It’s all about the slower mid-tempos focused on love gone bad. I have always loved the softer side of them and this is why this album is my second favorite, possibly on the way to being my favorite.

    Posted on February 16, 2010