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Lights Out

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  • Perfect 70’s hard rock album. I always thought UFO was one of the most underrated bands of that era. I know Schenker gets most of the glory (deservedly so, he is an evocative/flashy/brilliant guitarist)but to me the real hero of this band has always been Phil Mogg. His singing and songwriting really jells on this cd.

    I was lucky enough to catch them with this lineup on tour in the US that year and they were very high energy and blew the headliner off the stage. They get lumped in as a metal band…but I never thought
    of them in that genre….there was just too much intelligence and taste coming out of this band on stage and in the studio. And this album was where it all came together.

    Most UFO albums have at least one stellar track on it (sometimes many more) but from start to finish you couldn’t ask for a better hard rock record. Too hot to handle, this album is it.

    Long Live Phil Mogg!!

    Posted on December 22, 2009